Chapter Eighteen: International Corporate Standards

I. Transnational Corporations and the Global Economy

Business & the Environment Newsletter - monthly world news from Cutter Information Corporation

Business For Social Responsibility - a US-based global resource for companies seeking to sustain their commercial success in ways that demonstrate respect for ethical values, people, communities and the environment

Management Institute for Environment and Business (MEB) - a program of the World Resources Institute, empowers business professionals to promote environmental progress

Net Impact - a network of emerging business leaders committed to using the power of business to create a better world; the most progressive and influential network of MBAs in existence today (formerly the Students For Responsible Business)

Shade-Grown Coffee May Not Protect Birds - despite Starbucks' and others' efforts to promote environmentally aware coffee, a study tracking the feeding habits of migratory birds found around coffee plantations shows that shade-grown coffee has a limited effect on conserving biodiversity

II. The CERES Principles
Coalition for Environmentally Responsible Economies - a non-profit coalition of various groups, working toward the common goal of global corporate environmental responsiblity

Pennsylvania's Sun Co. and Bethlehem Steel Describe Experience as CERES Principle Subscribers - provided by the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection, describes a meeting in which Sun and Bethlehem Steel promote the CERES Pinciples to other Pennsylvania companies

III. International Chamber of Commerce's Business Charter for Sustainable Development
International Chamber of Commerce - a world business organization that promotes an open international trade and investment system and market economy, having rule-making authority to govern transnational business conduct through voluntary participation

The Business Charter for Sustainable Development - provides full text of the document on principles for environmental management, assisting enterprises in fulfilling their commitment to environmental stewardship

World Business Council for Sustainable Development - a coalition of 122 international companies

Eco-Management And Audit Scheme - a regulation adopted by the European Council, providing for a voluntary environmental management scheme for industrial sector companies within the European Union to evaluate and improve their own environmental performance

EMAS: Text of Council Regulation 1836/93 - provides full text of the regulation

V. ISO 14000
The International Organization for Standardization - a non-governmental organization and worldwide federation of national standards bodies from about 130 countries to promote the development of standardization and related activities in the world to facilitate the international exchange of goods and services, and develop cooperation in intellectual, scientific, technological and economic activities

EPA's Voluntary Standards Network - provides links to background on EPA's involvement in ISO 14000

Case Study of Intel's Implementation of ISO 14000 - from Chapter 10 of the book, Successful Environmental Management, by Enviro Eire

    A. Environmentalist Critiques of ISO 14000
Benchmark Environmental Consulting - one of the most influential critics of the ISO 14000 series
    B. Trade Law and ISO 14000
Executive Summary Examining and Reducing Technical Barriers to Trade - an analysis by the American Farm Bureau, promoting the reduction of technical barriers to trade through Codex Alimentarus and the WTO, with a longer term goal of developing a food safety component under the ISO so that once new standards are agreed upon and implemented by the WTO and its member countries, the ISO series can be modified accordingly

Using ISO 14000 as a Trade Barrier - provided by New Steel, an article by Amy Zuckerman describing the possibility of ISO 14000 as a trade barrier in the form of redundant registration schemes but finding no formal complaints being lodged with WTO or with other regulatory agencies, possibly due in part to the nacent stage of the standard and the strong oversight that ISO, WTO and IAF are providing

VI. The Triple Bottom Line
SustainAbility - an environmental consulting firm John Elkington co-directs that work with both NGOs and Industry