Climate Change - 2001 Developments

12/18/02 2001 The Second Warmest Year on Record
12/14/02 Are Higher Temperatures the Price of Saving the Ozone Layer?
11/29/01 September, October 2001 Warmest Months on Record
11/14/01 U.K. Nukes Demand Higher Prices for CO2 Free Power
11/08/01 Norway Eyes Emissions Trading Scheme by 2005
11/07/01 Use of Carbon Sinks Doubted By Study
11/02/01 Insurers Expect More Climate Related Natural Disasters
10/29/01 Climate Talks Begin in Morocco
10/26/01 Arctic River Thawing Earlier
10/15/01 Japan to Ratify Kyoto
10/15/01 U.S. Multilateralism Won't Spread to Kyoto
10/10/01 Australian Labor Supports Kyoto Pact
10/02/01 Climate Change Pressure on Bush Has Vanished in Wake of Sept. 11th
10/02/01 Summary of the 18th Session of the IPCC
09/26/01 Major Impacts of Cliamte Change Expected for S. Africa
09/26/01 N.Z. Forestry Could Be Hurt by Climate Change Pact
09/20/01 U.K. First to Allow Emissions Trading
09/18/01 New England's Syrup and Skiing Industries Could be Hit by Warming
09/14/01 Dutch CO2 Emisssions Rises in 2000
09/10/01 Mt. Kilimanjaro Glaciers Melting Fast
09/06/01 Northern Hemisphere Greener Now than 20 Years Ago
09/03/01 Rio Environmental Forum to Set Up "Environmental" Market
09/03/01 The State of the Greenhouse Gas Market
05/23/01 U.S. Hopes for Kyoto Alernative by June
05/22/01 U.S. Energy Policy Fuels Global Warming
05/22/01 Annan Sees U.S. Role Key to Global Warming Fight
05/21/01 U.N. Secretary General Slams U.S. Position on Global Warming
05/21/01 World's Thirst for Power Hampers Climate Efforts
05/18/01 OECD Ecology Meeting Clouded by U.S. Opposition to Kyoto
05/09/01 E.U. Deems Kyoto Compliance Affordable
04/19/01 Dutch conclude 1st international contracts under Kyoto joint implementation procedure
04/13/01 The more diverse an ecosystem, the better it absorbs carbon dioxide from the atmosphere
04/12/01 Dutch Environment Minister offers new set of compromise proposals for Kyoto
04/11/01 Sinks classified by UN climate report
04/09/01 17th session of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change
04/05/01 Global warming leads to changes in rainfall patterns
04/03/01 UK says US can't free-ride on global warming
04/02/01 Swedish Environment Minister says EU will ratify Kyoto by 2002 with or without U.S.
03/30/01 Pacific atolls could "drown" without climate pact
03/29/01 Worldwide energy consumption to grow by 59 % over the next 20 years
03/28/01 Head of EPA says U.S. will not implement the Kyoto Protocol
03/23/01 EU tells Bush climate is key to their relationship
03/23/01 Kyoto deal seen possible despite President Bush position
03/21/01 Finland met Kyoto carbon dioxide goals in the year of 2000
03/15/01 Scientists release report confirming greenhouse effect over a 27 year span based on satellite data
03/14/01 President Bush reverses prior pledge to cut back on CO2 emissions in light of energy crisis
03/13/01 In reversing his position on CO2 emissions, President Bush cited to a controversial study and asserted an erroneous legal claim to back his current position
03/05/01 Summary of the Ad Hoc Open-Ended Intergovernmental Group of Experts on Energy and Sustainable Development in New York from 26 February to 2 March 2001
03/05/01 G8 environment ministers meet in Trieste to discuss the implementation of the Kyoto Protocol
02/19/01 UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change reports that the greatest impact of climate change will be on the least adaptable and poorest regions in the world
02/16/01 Summary for Policy Makers IPCC report Climate Change 2001: Impacts, Adaptation, and Vulnerability
02/13/01 President of the climate change talks, which were suspended last November concerning the implementation of the Kyoto Protocol, announces the resumption of talks this summer
02/08/01 Scientific journal Nature reports that soot may be the second leading cause of the greenhouse effect
02/05/01 Munich Re, a re-insurance firm that monitors costs of natural disasters, reports that only "urgent efforts" to halt the greenhouse effect can prevent the world from incurring more than $300 billion each year in climate change prevention expenses
01/01 Latest Postings (January 2001) of Global Change Electronic Edition, highlighting Working Group I Report of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change
01/25/01 Bush administration delays negotiations for the implementation of the United Nations Kyoto Protocol on reduction of greenhouse gas emissions
01/20/01 Summary for Policy Makers Working Group I of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change Third Assessment Report
01/12/01 European Environmental Bureau (EEB) study criticizes voluntary agreement between the European Commission and vehicle manufacturers, finding it ineffectual in reducing carbon dioxide emissions due to lack of enforceability