Climate Change
2000 Developments

12/21/00 World Meteorological Organization concludes that year 2000 has continued global warming trend, despite cooling effect of La Ni´┐Ża
11/25/00 Sixth Conference of the Parties (COP-6) to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change ends in stalemate
11/22/00 Renewable energy estimated to be fastest growing source of power over next 20 years, but only frpom 2-3% of total
11/11/00 Pacific Institute provides excellent links to whole range of climate change resources on the web
11/09/00 Greenpeace and WWF claim forests could accelerate global warming
10/06/00 EU Environment Commission report states that C02 emissions from cars have significantly reduced but car industries must still do more
10/03/00 Fourth Annual Fall Meeting and International Conference of the Emissions Marketing Association held in Toronto focuses on international trading in greenhouse gases
09/21/00 France announces further cuts in oil prices while Sweden announces fuel tax hikes in response to increasing protests against environmental fuel taxes in Europe
09/19/00 European finance ministers cut fuel taxes in response to protesters demonstrating against rising oil prices, despite governmental pledges not to reduce taxes "for economic and environmental reasons"
09/18/00 Protests mount across Europe against rising oil prices, urging tax relief
09/18/00 Summary of the 13th Session of the UNFCCC, highlighting the many conflicts yet to be resolved in implementing the Kyoto Protocol
09/15/00 Earth Negotiations Bulletin reports topics covered at the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change session in France
09/15/00 Environmental groups, including Friends of the Earth, contemplate legal action against industrial countries that interfere with the implementation of a global climate change agreement
08/30/00 WWF reports that a third of the world's habitat will be lost or dramatically changed due to global warming
08/24/00 Large open area of water found in North Pole, sparking debate on climate change
08/22/00 16 environmental organizations introduce international website to connect the public with the world's leaders in voicing global warming concerns
07/27/00 UK funds initiatives to combat global warming through emissions trading schemes that provide incentives for businesses to use low carbon technologies
06/14/00 A recent study on global warming shows that temperatures will rise by 5-10 degrees if current greenhouse gas emission levels continue at the same rate
06/09/00 Proposal to Kyoto Protocol provides incentives to developed nations to help developing countries finance rain forest conservation
05/22/00 National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration declares January through April as the warmest period in recorded history
04/13/00 Coverage from the Workshop on Best Practices in Policies and Measures under the Framework Convention on Climate Change (FCCC) held in Denmark
03/27/00 Strong ocean tides causing natural increases in temperature coupled with greenhouse effect accelerate global warming
03/24/00 World's oceans may have been storing heat from global climate change, indicating substantial increases in atmospheric temperature in the future
03/21/00 Introduction of weather bonds that are linked to long-term temperature trends may provide energy companies with new ways to reduce financial risk to global climate change
03/17/00 Summary of two workshops on Article 4.8 and 4.9 of the UNFCCC: Adverse Effects of Climate Change and the Impact of Implementation of Response Measures, considering needs of developing nations and methodological approaches regarding response measures
03/15/00 Environmentalists urge industrialized nations to establish a compensation fund for developing countries that suffer from natural disasters caused by climate change
03/10/00 Science article reports that urban and industrial air pollution shuts off precipitation from clouds, halting greenhouse warming
03/06/00 Summary of the Workshop on Compliance under the Kyoto Protocol held March 1-3 in Bonn, Germany to discuss linkages between Articles 5 (methodological issues), 7 (communication of information) and 8 (review of information) and the compliance system
03/01/00 Global Climate Change: Selective List of Online Resources provided by Wil Burns at the Pacific Institute for Studies in Development, Environment and Security
02/23/00 National Climate Data Center indicates Earth has warmed at a rate of four degrees Fahrenheit in the past 25 years, faster than predicted
02/15/00 A recent study indicates that climate change disrupts hibernation and migration
01/18/00 World Bank announces the Prototype Carbon Fund (PCF) at press conferences