Climate Change
1999 Developments

12/23/99 UK's ten most energy intensive industrial sectors agreed to cut emissions in return for energy tax rebates
12/22/99 World Metereological Organization declares 1990s were the warmest decade since instrumental measurement started in 1860s
11/99 Summary of the 5th CoP to the Climate Change Convention
11/17/99 Scientists report dramatic thinning of Arctic ice during last decade
11/01/99 Climate talks underway at COP-5
10/99 COP of the Framework Convention on Climate Change to meet in Bonn for its fifth session
10/29/99 World's largest spot trade in greenhouse gas emission reduction credits
10/06/99 Report on UNFCCC Workshop on Compliance, designed to facilitate deliberations on the development of a compliance system under the Kyoto Protocol
08/18/99 Financing issues halt plans to build world's largest solar power plant in Crete
08/09/99 World Bank approves Prototype Carbon Fund to finance international emissions reductions projects
07/27/99 World Watch Institute reports decline in world carbon emissions
07/14/99 Alliance of Small Island States Workshop on the Clean Development Mechanism (CDM)
07/06/99 UN leader states natural disasters increased in 1998 during the penultimate year of the Disaster Reduction Decade
06/14/99 Secretariat updates ratification of Framework Convention on Climate Control
06/04/99 London meeting launches organization dedicated to developing market-based trading system for greenhouse gas emissions
05/99 Worldwatch Institute report on global warming induced drought
01/25/99 Post-CoP-4 to UNFCCC analysis provides southern perspective
01/20/99 CoP of the Framework Convention on Climate Change issues report in its fourth session in Buenos Aires
12/17/99 WMO reports earth's global surface temperature highest in 1998 since 1860