Recent Developments - Climate Change

11/13/02 Biocarbon Fund Established to Help Farmers Fight Warming
11/08/02 Indonesian Wildfires Add to Global Warming
10/28/02 N.Y. Could Sink by Global Warming
10/25/02 World May Fail to Meet Emissions Targets
10/18/02 New Zealand Plans Carbon Tax
10/08/02 U.N. Estimates Climate Change Costs at $150 bil/yr
10/04/02 E.U. Expected to Miss Kyoto Target
10/03/02 Land Use Rivals Emmissions in Greenhouse Gasses
09/30/02 India Welcomes Climate Change Delegates
09/27/02 Report: Kyoto to Cost Canada Jobs & Growth
09/20/02 Pension Funds Push for Big Business to Go Green
09/16/02 Climate Change Threatens London's Future
09/16/02 US Summer of 2002 is Hottest Since 1930s Dust Bowl
08/16/02 Island States Slam U.S. Over Rising Seas
08/14/02 Warming Threatens Ocean Ecosystems
08/06/02 Brazil May Earn Pollution Credits from Forests
08/02/02 World on Pace for Warmest Year
07/30/02 Political Climate Cools on Warming
07/23/02 U.K. Faces Battle to Meet Emissions Targets
07/18/02 States Calling on Bush to Act on Climate
07/11/02 U.S. Public Wants More Done on Climate
07/09/02 E.U. Too Miss Renewables Target
07/04/02 U.S. Could Miss Out on Emissions Trading Markets
07/02/02 CA Passes CO2 Limits
07/01/02 U.S. Energy Related Emissions Down, First Time in Decade
06/28/02 Warming Threatens Parks, Zoos
05/16/02 Thin Polar Bears Seen as Sign of Global Warming
05/10/02 Canada Will Not Ratify Kyoto Without Clarification
05/08/02 US Seeks to Increase Greenhouse Gas Reporting
05/03/02 Japan, NZ Push for Climate Change Pact
05/01/02 New Zealand Favors Carbon Tax to Meet Kyoto
04/30/02 EU Halfway to Kyoto Targets but Emissions Up
04/23/02 New Hampshire Passes First US CO2 Cap
04/23/02 UK Company Pays for Cut in US Emissions
04/22/02 California May Limit Greenhouse Gas Emissions
04/19/02 Watson Loses Climate Change Panel Chair
04/19/02 Scientists Firm Up Climate Change Forecasts
04/16/02 Canada Heading for Showdown Over Kyoto Protocol
04/03/02 Bush Administration Seeks to Oust Climate Change Head
03/28/02 Britain Boosts Renewables in Reaction to Higher Emissions
03/28/02 Warming Affects Species Worldwide
03/21/02 Greenhouse Trading Takes Off; U.S. on Sidelines
03/19/02 Huge Arctic Ice Shelf Breaks Up
03/15/02 UK Firms Bid to Cut 4 Million Tons of CO2
03/14/02 Japan Developing New Fuel by 2006
03/12/02 BP Hits Emissions Goals 8 Years Early
03/11/02 Warming Could Displace State Birds
03/11/02 Warming Pacific Shows 2002 Will be an El Nino Year
03/08/02 Wind Now Powers 10 Million Homes Worldwide
03/07/02 Lawsuits Next Weapon in Climate Change Fight
03/06/02 Norwegian Experts See CO2-Free Gas Power in 10-15 Years
02/25/02 Last 3 Months Warmest on Record in U.S.
02/22/02 Greenhouse Gases Linked to El Nino
02/20/02 Insurers Urging Climate Change Controls
02/19/02 Climate Change Effect on Sea Level Underestimated
02/15/02 Economy Priority in Bush Climate Plan
02/14/02 Bush Unveils Global Warming Plan
02/07/02 EU Votes to Ratify Kyoto
02/06/02 Ireland Approves Green Energy Plan
02/05/02 Australian Forests and Mountains Bake
02/05/02 UK Unlikely to Meet CO2 Goals
02/01/02 CA to Cut CO2 Emissions from Cars
01/31/02 NYC Council Seeks to Cut CO2 Emissions from Plants
01/28/02 Antarctic Island Seen as Unique Climate Lab
01/25/02 Climate Change and Sustainable Development
01/24/02 Global Waming Fuel Malaria Concerns in England & Wales
01/23/02 Australia NSW Plans Tougher Power Greenhouse Rules
01/21/02 Green Campaign Linking UK Poverty with Environment
01/18/02 China says Kyoto Benefits both Rich and Poor
01/18/02 Antarctic May Have Stopped Shrinking
01/17/02 US Wind Energy Industry Doubles Capacity in '01
01/11/02 Ireland to Build World's Largest Wind Farm
01/07/02 UK Industrial Gas Prices Up 20% on Climate Levy
01/04/02 Japan Indicates Withdrawal from Kyoto