Chemicals and Nukes - 2001 Developments

12/17/02 Germans to Phase Out Nukes
12/14/02 EPA Considers Accepting Human Toxic Testing
11/29/01 U.K. To Set Up National Nuclear Liabilities Body
11/15/01 Russia To Build 10 Reactors in Next Decade
11/08/01 U.S. Court Rules $5 Billion Exxon Award Excessive
11/01/01 GAO Reports that States Cannot Stop Deliveries to Leaking Fuel Tanks
10/24/01 U.S. NRC Approves Yucca Mountain Nuclear Repository
10/15/01 Blocked Nuclear Data Lifting U.S. Power Prices
09/26/01 Beachside Nuclear Reactor in Brazil Covered Up Leaked Waste
09/24/01 Asbestos Related Cancers on the Rise
09/21/01 Chinese Children Sue Factory Over Chemical Leak
09/19/01 U.S. and Russia Make Progress on Nuclear Waste Storage
09/18/01 Nuclear Waste Shipment Cancelled in Wake of Attacks
09/13/01 Nuclear Plants May Not Withstand Attacks
09/13/01 E.U. Plans To Aid Ukraine's Nuclear Sector
09/12/01 U.S. Urges Plant Security After Attack
05/23/01 Treaty to Ban "Dirty Dozen" Adopted
05/21/01 U.N. Conference Targets "Dirty Dozen" Chemicals
05/21/01 Finland Approves Undergound Nuclear Waste Dump
05/17/01 Finland Parliament Debates Underground Nuclear Waste Disposal
05/15/01 Mexico to Sign POP's Treaty
05/14/01 E.U. Help Requested for Removal of Pesticide Waste
05/10/01 Nuclear Waste Shipment Escorted by German Police
05/09/01 Waste Pesticides Threaten Life on the Streets
03/27/01 Germany uses over 15,000 police to prevent protesters from a nuclear waste shipment
02/15/01 The Netherlands blocks a Mauritian ship on suspicion of sailing to India for scrapping
03/09/01 Final Draft of Stockholm Convention on Persistent Organic Pollutants
02/01/01 FAO and WHO warn that a large percentage of pesticides sold to developing countries do not meet internationally accepted standards that safeguard human health and the environment
02/01/01 International treaty aimed at curbing and ultimately eliminating the production or release of 12 POPs to be signed in Stockholm in May 2001
01/25/01 NATO spokesman declares no link between the use of uranium weapons in the Balkans and the occurrence of former soldiers developing cancer
01/16/01 Environmentalists in 20 cities protest Russia's initiative on allowing the importation of foreign nuclear waste
01/11/01 UNEP and Balkan Task Force recommend investigations into health hazards of depleted uranium sites in Bosnia
01/04/01 EU seeks answers from NATO on the Balkan syndrome, possibly caused by weapons using depleted uranium
01/03/01 EU, under Sweden's newly held position of the presidency, declares a push for the "precautionary principle" on the chemical sector, threatening a diplomatic conflict with the new U.S. presidency 
01/02/01 U.S. company strikes deal to export mercury waste to India; protests mount