Chemicals and Nukes
1999 Developments

12/31/99 St. Petersburg City Court acquits environmental whistleblower, Aleksandr Nikitin
12/01/99 Bulgarian government agrees to close four nuclear reactors by 2006 at the latest; accord with Bulgaria, Lithuania and Slovakia means all eight reactors classified as dangerous and located in countries due to join EU to be decommissioned within a decade
11/16/99 Lawsuit filed in New York against Union Carbide Corporation for violating international law and fundamental human rights of the victims and survivors of Bhopal
11/10/99 Russian Police Raid Homes of anti-nuclear activists
10/28/99 Global nuclear waste dump meets resistance down under
10/14/99 U.S. Senate rejects Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty
09/17/99 Moscow police threaten prominent Russian anti-nuclear campaigners
09/13/99 Treaty negotiators reach agreement on elimination of 10 POPs and recognize need for DDT exemption
09/13/99 Negotiators aim for complete phaseout of 10 POPs under UNEP treaty
09/08/99 Russia changes laws in order to store world's spent nuclear fuel and radioactive waste
08/12/99 Greenpeace International reports POPs spread to far reaches of the Earth
06/18/99 UNEP criteria expert group on POPs develops proposal at Vienna meeting
05/11/99 India observes anniversary of its first nuclear weapons test with both pride and protest
05/06/99 France's Atomic Energy Commission admits nuclear tests created fractures in coral at Mururoa and Fangataufa Atolls in South Pacific
01/29/99 Negotiators report solid progress in drafting treaty for POPs during talks in January