News Developments - Chemicals and Nukes

11/26/02 States Seek Tougher "Right to Know" on Toxics
11/07/02 U.N. Seeks to Cut Risk to Pesticides in Poor Nations
10/25/02 Japan Admits Radioactive Leak in 1980
10/03/02 Rocky Flats to Remain Radioactive After Cleanup
10/01/02 Scientists Look for Cancer Causing Food Compound
09/19/02 Russia Struggles with Nuke Agency
09/13/02 Global Treaty on Mercury Called For
08/15/02 Cosmetics Toxic Right to Know Proposed
08/13/02 Wildlife Tests Show Chemical Threat to Humans
08/08/02 Plutonium Shipment Ruling Upheld
08/06/02 No Link Shown Between Breast Cancer & Organochlorines
08/05/02 EPA & Environmentalists Dissagree on Pesticide Reasessment
07/22/02 Court Requires Less Dioxin Pollution in S.F. Bay
07/10/02 U.S. Nuclear Plants to Add 994 MW in 2002
07/04/02 Environmental Oestrogen Shown to to Affect Sperm
07/03/02 Mine's Mercury Spill Threatens Peruvian Town
06/27/02 Rise in U.K. Child Deaths Attributed to Chernobyl
05/08/02 Russia Slammed by European Court Over Chernobyl Damages
05/06/02 Nuclear Waste Storage in Britain Needed to Improve
04/29/02 French Share Nuclear Cleanup Techniques with China
04/22/02 Nuclear Security Funding Denied
04/11/02 POP's Treaty Goes to Senate for Ratification
04/10/02 Newer Pesticides Affect Immune System
03/21/02 Action Plan by IEAA Approved Against Terrorism
03/13/02 Attack on Chemical Plant Could Kill a Million
03/07/02 New Support for Nuclear Power in Britain
03/04/02 Nuclear Testing Caused Cancer Around the World
02/22/02 E.U. Proposes Curbs on Toxics by 2003
02/18/02 UN Seeks Crackdown on Hazardous Chemicals
02/16/02 Yucca Mountain Repository Approved by Bush
02/13/02 Lawsuits Challenge Plans to Transport Nuclear Waste
01/29/02 Yucca Mountain Questioned by Independant Review
01/24/02 Polluters to Pay Under EU Plan
01/23/02 U.S. Moves Towards MOX Nuclear Plants
01/18/02 Nuclear Power Costly Path for Finland, Expert Says
01/15/02 Aerial Herbicide War on Drugs Poisons Air, Water
01/11/02 US Govt Endorses Nevada Nuclear Waste Site