Biodiversity Conservation - 2001 Developments

12/07/01 Hundreds in India Head Out to Count Tigers
11/19/01 New Policies on Protection of Chinese Pandas
11/14/01 Smugglers Steal Million sof Animals From Brazilian Forests
11/02/01 U.S. Court Upholds States Rights to Protect Wild Birds
11/01/01 Australia to Protect Whale-Shark, World's Biggest Fish
10/14/01 Summary of the 5th Conference of the Parties Combatting Desertification
09/29/01 18 New Biosphere Reserves Added by UNESCO
09/19/01 Biodiversity Shrinks as Farm Breeds Die Out
09/03/01 Accord Speeds U.S. Protection of 29 Species
05/16/01 Japan Considers Complaint in Dispute with U.S. over Whaling
05/15/01 U.S. Urges Japan to Cease Hunt for Endangered Whales
05/14/01 Norway to Export Whale Blubber in Defiance of Ban
05/11/01 Japanese Whalers Hunt Endangered Bryde's and Sperm Whales
05/08/01 World's Nature Reserves Heavily Farmed
04/06/01 China's Wolong Nature Reserve established to be a panda haven
04/04/01 US environment groups to sue EPA over alien invaders
03/26/01 Experts' Panel ABS-EP2 under the Biodiversity Convention
03/26/01 2nd Meeting of the ABS-EP of the Biodiversity Convention
03/19/01 UN launches multimillion dollar coral reef initiative
03/19/01 6th Meeting of the SBSTTA of the Biodiversity Convention
03/16/01 Reports of the 6th Meeting of the Subsidiary Bodies for Scientific, Technical and Technological Advice (SBSTTA) of the Convention on Biodiversity (CBD)
03/16/01 United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization warns that bushmeat is now being marketed in urban centers, threatening forest dwellers' traditional subsistence on bushmeat and wild animal populations
03/14/01 Malaysian government cracks down on wildlife smugglers in rare and endangered species
03/13/01 Mexican officials deny that monarch butterflies have been killed by pesticides in the country's protected forests
03/12/01 Governments meet to discuss the deadly impact of invasive alien species on ecosystems and native species
03/08/01 Wildlife trade monitoring organization announces a 3 year strategy on reducing wildlife trafficking
03/08/01 Environmental groups criticize the Chinese government on its failure to crack down on the sale of fake tiger parts, which has concurrently encouraged a market for trafficking in real tiger parts
02/26/01 Wildlife Conservation Society warns that orangutan populations will be extinct in a decade unless the world takes action against poaching and the destruction of their habitats
02/16/01 Scientists and caviar traders meet to discuss how to control the decline in sturgeon populations
02/10/01 Summary and reports of the Fifth Intersessional Meeting of the Contact Group of the Commission on Genetic Resources for Food and Agriculture (GRFA)
02/06/01 12 countries of the southern hemisphere agree to take action to protect seabird albatrosses and petrels that are endangered mainly due to longline fishing