Recent Developments - Biodiversity Conservation

11/13/02 U.N. Issued GM Food in Zambia Despite Ban
10/29/02 E.U. Takes Austria to Court Over Wild Bird Hunting
10/23/02 Innovative Underwater Conservation Deal in NY
10/16/02 Canada Plans to Expand Park System
10/16/02 Study Planned for Biodiversity Loss
10/11/02 Iberian Lynx Tops World Endangered Species List
10/07/02 Swordfish Beginning to Recover
10/02/02 NZ Scientists to Put Human Genes in Cattle
10/01/02 African Ivory Seized in China
09/13/02 Elephant Dung Hints at New Species
08/14/02 Study Indicates Rainforest Loss Slower than Thought
08/02/02 U.N. Maps Human Impact on Biodiversity
07/31/02 Cambodia Moves to Protect Forests and Rare Animals
07/23/02 Grizzly Team Shows Value of Species Protection Law
07/23/02 A Sixth Great Extinction is a Possibility
07/02/02 Australia to Protect Threatened Albatross
05/15/02 Endangered Mountain Gorrillas Killed by Poachers
04/16/02 California Condors Produce Historic Offspring
04/11/02 Food for Guns Program for Zambian Poachers
04/10/02 Asian Species Being Hunted to Extinction
04/04/02 World Forest Cover Myth Shattered
04/03/02 Mexican Butterfly Forest Destroyed by Timber Harvest
03/22/02 Brazilian Ban on GM Crops Ignored by Farmers
03/12/02 Rare Australian Animals Saved by Bidders
03/08/02 Sighting of Woodpecker Thought to be Extinct
03/04/02 White Rhinos Reintroduced to Kenya's Maru National Park
02/22/02 Monsanto to Introduce GM Wheat by 2005
02/20/02 Primate Carnivore Diversity at Risk
02/12/02 Pacific Salmon Popluations May Lose Protections
02/07/02 Climate Change Threatens Global Biodiversity
02/06/02 UK Report Says Gene Crops Could Creat Superweed
01/30/02 Mysterious "Alien" Corn Invades Mexico
01/24/02 Europe Reverses Position on Genetic Engineering
01/23/02 E.U. to Set Up New Food Safety Body
01/18/02 Natura 2000 Becomes Reality in Europe
01/11/02 Canadian Organic Farmers Sue Monsanto on GM Crops
01/09/02 American Farmers Shrug off European and Asian GMO Concerns
01/07/02 Dolphin Protection Lawsuit Dismissed
01/03/02 Biodiversity Could Take Millions of Years to Recover