Upcoming Environmental Law Courses

Each semester different courses related to environmental law are offered. Below is a listing of the courses that will be offered in Spring 2015! Register for the courses below when course registration begins on November 5, 2014 for Spring 2015! Want faculty advice for navigating the curriculum? Check out the new WCL Pathways Through the Curriculum project, specifically the Environmental and Energy Law Pathway and International Environmental Law Pathway.

Summer 2015

For more information on the Environmental Law Summer Session including course descriptions, dates, and times, visit the summer session website.

Development Finance and the Environment (1)
M-Th (June 8-12); 6-9pm

Environmental Compliance and Enforcement (1)
Tu-F (May 26-29); 2-5pm

Environmental Justice (2)
MW (June 15-July 17); 6-8:30pm

Environmental Law and the U.S. Congress (1)
Tu-F (May 26-29); 2-5pm

Human Rights and Environment in Latin America (1)
Tu-F (May 26-29); 6-9pm

Intellectual Property and the Environment (1)
De Beer
M-Th (June 1-4); 6-9pm

International Business and the Environment (1)
Morrill & LaMotte
Tu-F (May 26-29); 6-9pm

International Climate Change Law (1)
M-F (June 8-12); 2-4:30pm

International Institutions and Environmental Protection (2)
M-Th (May 26-June 11); 10am-12:30pm

International Wildlife and Biodiversity Law (1)
M-F (June 1-5); 6:30-9pm

Trade & Environment in the Americas: A Joint Seminar with the OAS (2)
M-F (June 15-19); 9am-5:30pm

Fall 2015 - Coming Soon!

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