The Washington College of Law offers comprehensive and diverse environmental law courses. WCL emphasizes a practical and contemporary approach to federal environmental law. WCL also presents environmental issues in the global context, offering many courses in comparative and international environmental law. Thus, WCL students are able to master the full breadth of environmental law as it is practiced now and will be in the future both here and abroad. WCL also offers courses that allow students to gain practical experience, an environmental externship program that is placing students in dynamic positions in environmental organizations, law firms, and the government. WCL's diverse range of domestic, international, and practical environmental law courses prepares our students for careers as environmental lawyers. 

For a description of environmental law courses and related courses please click on the links below. Since not all of the courses are available each semester, students should consult the Current Course Listings and the Registrar's Office for information on which courses are available in a given semester.