UNFCCC COP-16 - Cancún, Mexico


The Sixteenth Conference of the Parties (COP-16) of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) was held in Cancún, Mexico in December 2010. WCL Students, along with Professor David Hunter and Program Coordinator Erika Lennon participated in COP-16 by supporting the work of the Center for International Environmental Law and the Center for Biological Diversity.


Below WCL students wait for a plenary meeting to begin.


Right: WCL student, Abbey Baker ('11), hard at work.







WCL students, Ashley Gardana, Paulo Lopes, and Laura Drummond at COP-16.

WCL Students, Professor David Hunter, and CIEL Attorney work and discuss details about COP-16, while waiting for a meeting to start.

Left: Professor Hunter, Erika Lennon, and other WCL alumni in Cancún, Mexico.








Right: Carroll Muffett (CIEL President), David Hunter, and Gustavo Alanis (CEMDA President) welcome colleagues, students, and friends to a joint reception for lawyers in Cancun, Mexico during COP-16.


WCL Students during COP-16.

Left: WCL student, Winfield Wilson, hard at work as a meeting comes to an end.



Right: David Hunter chats with Astrid Puentes (AIDA) following a meeting.







Left: Erika Lennon, David Hunter, Nuno Lacasta (Climate Change General Director, Portugal's Ministry for the Environment, and WCL alumnus and adjunct faculty), and Jennifer Morgan (World Resources Institute) enjoying some fresh air during COP-16.







Right: Third-year law students, Winfield Wilson, Sarah Bury, Chris Kyle, and Adam Burrowbridge participated in COP-16 alongside Program Coordinator Erika Lennon and Professor David Hunter.













WCL students, along with other members of civil society await the start of the closing plenary, then diligently get to work as the meeting begins.



WCL students, CIEL attorney, Niranjali Amerasinghe, and Program Coordinator Erika Lennon continue to wait for the re-start of the closing plenary session of COP-16.







After two long weeks of negotiations, we reach the beginning of the closing plenary of COP-16.




Left: Members of state delegations, intergovernmental organizations, and civil society await the arrival of the COP President and the potential Cancun Agreement.



Sunrise over the Gulf of Mexico, a common site when leaving for the conference center or returning home after a long night of meetings.