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Resident Education (Juvenile Settings) SILENCE: Youth Speaking Up about Sexual Abuse in Custody is a series of graphic novels for youth in custodial settings. These graphic novels are intended to educate youth in custody about how to identify and address incidents of sexual assault. The plot lines in these graphic novels dramatize situations we know occur in custodial settings. The use of graphic novels in community education projects is well established. Through presenting information through an illustrative medium, these novels aim to disseminate information about the sexual abuse reporting process to youth of all literacy levels. These novels can be used to fulfill the Resident Education standard 115.333 of the Prison Rape Elimination Act National Standards.

These graphic novels are a first step in reaching out to youth in juvenile justice settings in order to help them identify, address, and respond to incidents of sexual abuse by staff or other youth. We hope that it will deepen the dialogue about strategies to eliminate sexual abuse of youth in custody. The graphic novels are intended to be “stand alone” material to orient and educate youth about the issue of sexual abuse in custodial settings. We also hope it provokes discussions with and between youth.

Book 1: Billy Speaks Out (for male youth age 14-18) Feb 2012
Book 2: Shelia's Dilemma (for female youth age 14-18) April 2012
Book 3: Carlo's Question (focuses on sexual minority youth) May 2012
Book 4: Mary's Friend (for female youth age 10-13) July 2012
Book 5: Charlie's Report (for male youth age 10-13) July 2012

END SILENCE: Youth Speaking Up about Sexual Abuse in Custody A Facilitator's Guide

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Read the FAQ about the intended use, methodology for producing them and target audiences here.

We are happy that a number of jurisdictions are using these materials. We are requiring that jurisdictions that use them obtain our permission prior to using, reproducing or distributing these materials. Please send requests for use and any feedback to

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