In the News - Immigration Detention

An Overdue Step in Protecting Detained Immigrants From Rape and Sexual Assault, But More Work Remains
Huffington Post
Katharina Obser
May 21, 2012
The Justice Department has issued its long-awaited regulations with regard to PREA. Although these particular regulations will not apply to immigrants held under the Department of Homeland Security and the Department of Health and Human Services, the White House issued a memorandum on the same day calling for any federal agency with jurisdiction over confinement facilities to work with the Justice Department to develop their own regulations in compliance with PREA.  For more information on this article, click here.

Department of Homeland Security to implement Prison Rape Elimination Act
LGBT Weekly Online
May 19, 2012

The Department of Homeland Security announced the roll out of the Prison Elimination Act (PREA) into DHS facilities and other confinement institutions.  According to Homeland Security spokesperson Peter Bogaard, “DHS will move swiftly to promulgate these regulations and will work with the Attorney General and others to ensure that the regulations satisfy the requirements of the statute.” For more information on this article, click here.

New Prison Rape Rules Don’t Yet Cover Immigrant Detention Sites
Sarah Childress
May 18, 2012

The Justice Department released new rules yesterday designed to curb sexual abuse in federal and state detention facilities, including stricter hiring requirements for guards, more gender-segregated conditions for detainees and an improved system for reporting incidents.  But the rules won’t immediately govern immigration detention facilities overseen by the Department of Homeland Security (DHS).  As reported in FRONTLINE’s Lost in Detention series, immigrants detained in such facilities filed more than 170 allegations of sexual abuse in the last four years, according to government documents obtained by FRONTLINE and the American Civil Liberties Union. For more information on this article, click here.