From the Director

During an elevator ride from the first-floor lobby to the sixth-floor cafeteria at American University Washington College of Law, you may encounter a faculty member and student having a discussion in Spanish about human rights conditions in Darfur. You may see a list of events for that week that could include a book signing by a law professor; a student-sponsored panel debate on marriage equality; or a smoothie sale to fund a student organization-sponsored charitable cause. A lot goes on here, almost all of it for figurative or literal student consumption.

Faculty members are exceptionally accessible, and many administrative offices maintain open-door policies, or offer readily-available appointments. Whether the question is about a stubborn, yet tantalizing, legal concept or where you're supposed to park, an answer is generally at hand.

In the classroom, discussion around a controversial issue may occasionally create a challenging moment. However, we believe that this venue is perfect for learning and practicing those real world skills of active listening and diplomatic argumentation that we all, if we're fortunate, will develop over the course of our lives. We also believe we have the interconnected framework in place to assist with the development of those skills.

Finally, we embrace the notion of the well-rounded person. While acquiring the juris doctor is without question Job One, we recommend that our students, to the degree possible, engage in extracurricular activities. Our hope is that you will maintain a healthy balance in life as you work toward your goal.

If law is what beckons, we advise you to keep up the GPA, conquer the LSAT, and join us at American University Washington College of Law to begin your journey toward whatever your dream of law practice may encompass.

Sherry A. Weaver
Director, Office of Diversity Services
American University Washington College of Law
4300 Nebraska Avenue, NW
Washington, DC 20016-8181
Phone: 202-274-4032 4035 (voice mail)