Senior Staff

Camille A. Nelson Dean of Washington College of Law
Tony Varona Associate Dean for Faculty and Academic Affairs
Lia Epperson Associate Dean for Faculty and Academic Affairs
Jenny Roberts Associate Dean of Scholarship
Robert Dinerstein Associate Dean for Experiential Education
David B. Jaffe Associate Dean for Student Affairs
Billie Jo Kaufman Associate Dean of Library & Information Resources
Khalid Khalid Associate Dean for Finance and Administration
Amy Tenney Assistant Dean of Academic Services & Registrar
Akira Shiroma Assistant Dean for Admissions and Financial Aid
Traci Jenkins Assistant Dean, Career & Professional Development
David Aaronson Director, Trial Advocacy Program
Nancy Abramowitz Director of the Janet R. Spragens Federal Tax Clinic
Padideh Ala'i Director of the Humphrey Fellowship Program
Ryan Bien Director, Financial Aid
Elizabeth Boals Associate Director, Trial Advocacy Program
Edweana Burke Executive Assistant to the Dean
Aurora M. Carmichael Director, Grants and Programs
Michael Carroll Director, Program on Information Justice and Intellectual Property
Susana Castiglione Assistant Director, Center on International Commercial Arbitratiom
Brian Coffill Faculty Coordinator
Melinda Cooperman Associate Director of the Marshall-Brennan Constitutional Literacy Project
Jennifer Dabson Director, Special Events and Continuing Legal Education
Jennifer de Laurentiis Associate Director, Impact Litigation and the UN CAT Project
Melissa del Aguila Associate Director of the Center for Human Rights and Humanitarian Law
Meaghan Dofflemeyer Director of Operations and Annual Giving
Franki Fitterer Director of Public Relations and Marketing
Sean Flynn Associate Director, Program on Information Justice and Intellectual Property
Amanda Frost Director, S.J.D. Program
Elma Gates Manager, Faculty and Administrative Support Services
Teresa Godwin Phelps Director of Legal Rhetoric
Glenn Greenberg Director of Online Education
Horacio Grigera Naón Director, Center on International Commercial Arbitration
Kathleen Gordon Associate Director, Clinical Programs
David Hunter Director of the International Legal Studies Program
Jasmeet Kaur Sidhu Assistant Director, Public Interest
Daniela Kraiem Associate Director, Women and the Law Program
Walter Labitzky Director, Facilities Management
Hilary Lappin Associate Director of Graduate Admissions
Elizabeth Lippy Assistant Director of Trial Advocacy Program
Claudia Martin Co-Director, Academy on Human Rights & Humanitarian Law
Fernanda Nicola Director, Program on International Organizations Law & Diplomacy
Leslye Orloff Director, National Immigrant Women's Advocacy Project (NIWAP)
Matthew Pascocello Director of Career Development and Alumni Counseling
Tippi Polo Academic Program Coordinator
Andrew Popper Director of Integrated Curriculum
Cathy Prather Assistant Director of Finance and Administration and Human Resource Coordinator
Bryan Rapp Director, Technology
Jamin Raskin Director, Program on Law and Government and the Founder and Director, Marshall-Brennan Constitutional Literacy Project
Diego Rodriguez-Pinzon Co-Director, Academy on Human Rights & Humanitarian Law
Macarena Saez Executive Director, Center for Human Rights & Humanitarian Law
Susana SáCouto Executive Director, War Crimes Research
Avis Sanders Director, Externship Program
Brooke Sandoval Associate Director, Admissions
Cathy Schenker Associate Director, International Legal Studies Program
Ann Shalleck Director, Women and the Law Program
John Smith Director of Collection Operations
William J. Snape, III Director of Adjunct Faculty Development
David Snyder Director of Business Law Programs
Sarah Stanley Assistant Director of Student Affairs
Jonathan Strausberg Director, Major Gifts
Amy L. Tenney Associate Director, Program on Law and Government
Sherry Weaver Director, Diversity Services
Jamie Welling Interim Director and Assistant Director of Global Opportunities
Steve Wermiel Associate Director, Summer Institute on Law and Government

Office of the Dean
Suite C301
Phone: (202) 274-4007
Fax: (202) 274-4005