Dean Claudio Grossman Photo Claudio Grossman
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Leslie Jansen Leslie Jansen
Executive Assistant
As Executive Assistant, Leslie Jansen provides support to the Dean and acts as a liaison with WCL students, faculty, staff, and AU's central administration. Ms. Jansen organizes the administrative agenda of the office as well as events, including the annual Commencement Reception and Senior Staff Retreat.
Suite 366

Jennifer de Laurentiis Photo Jennifer de Laurentiis
Special Assistant to the Dean and Coordinator of the United Nations Committee against Torture Project
Jennifer de Laurentiis works closely with the Dean on a variety of issues and special projects including impact litigation and international human rights law. Ms. de Laurentiis supervises and participates in litigation before the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights and coordinates WCL's United Nations Committee against Torture Project. Ms. de Laurentiis is also a member of the adjunct faculty, speaks Italian and Spanish, and holds a law degree from American University Washington College of Law.
Suite 365

Sarah Warren Photo Sarah Warren
Faculty Coordinator
As Faculty Coordinator, Sarah Warren is responsible for coordinating the processing of all full-time faculty actions, personnel records, and contracts. Ms. Warren serves as the assistant to the Faculty Appointments Committee and provides administrative and logistical assistance to the Office of the Dean, including responding to inquiries, scheduling meetings, and organizing various faculty events.
Suite 366

Ana Lopez Photo Ana Lopez
Resource Coordinator
As Resource Coordinator, Ana Lopez contributes to the management of the day-to-day affairs of the office. Ms. Lopez frequently assists in the organization of Latino-related events supported by the Dean's Office, as well as facilitates communication with partners both inside and outside WCL. Ms. Lopez is also fluent in Spanish and Russian
Suite 366

Theresa Kaiser Photo Theresa Kaiser
Director of Global Opportunities
Theresa Kaiser works to identify and implement new partnerships for the law school, creating international opportunities for students and faculty. She oversees the school's unique International JD Dual Degree programs, extensive semester exchange programs, and long-standing summer abroad programs. She has a Master of Education (M.Ed.) specializing in Higher Education from Harvard University, a JD from Emory University, and undergraduate degrees in French, journalism and political science from the University of Kansas. Prior to joining WCL, Ms. Kaiser directed an adult ESL school, practiced trademark law, taught undergraduate business law, studied international law in London and lived in Italy and Belgium.
Suite 373A

Jamie R. Welling Photo Jamie R. Welling
Assistant Director, Office of Global Opportunities
Ms. Welling assists the Director of Global Opportunities on all WCL International initiatives at the JD level, primarily focusing on Semester, International JD Dual Degree, and Summer student mobility programs. Additionally, she evaluates new and existing partnerships, handling all domestic and international Memoranda of Agreement between WCL and partner institutions. Jamie has a Master of Public Administration (MPA) specializing in International Management from American University and a BA in International Economics and Cultural Affairs & Spanish from Valparaiso University, IN. Prior to joining WCL, Jamie worked for a variety of domestic and international NGOs, primarily focusing on economic and legal policy, grant writing and management, and other social justice issues. She also has an advanced CTESOL and has traveled extensively, living and working abroad in Turkey, Mexico, Israel, and Palestine.
Suite 355

Enrique Ramirez Photo Enrique Ramirez
International Resources Coordinator
As the International Resources Coordinator, Enrique supports the Director of Global Opportunities with the admissions, marketing, and overall functions pertaining to WCL's International JD Dual Degree Program, and Legal Education Abroad Summer Programs. Enrique is also responsible for the administration and maintenance of the Study Abroad software program. Prior to joining WCL, Enrique worked at Johnson Publishing Company in Chicago, the U.S. House of Representatives and interned at The White House. Enrique is fluent in Spanish.
Suite 353

Rachel Gordon Photo Rachel Gordon
Research Specialist in Global Opportunities
As a Research Specialist in Global Opportunities, Rachel Gordon conducts research relating to international legal education and student mobility programs. She collects and analyzes data on student academic and professional outcomes and global legal education opportunities. Ms. Gordon has a JD from American University Washington College of Law.
Suite 353

Gleen Greenberg Photo Glenn Greenberg
Director of Online Education
As Director of Online Education, Glenn Greenberg is responsible for the development of an online program that will enable a worldwide learning audience to have access to WCL's educational offerings. He works closely with the Dean to identify programs, consults creatively with faculty to match course components and material with the right media, and ensures the learning technology in place will meet the needs of the program. Mr. Greenberg has a Master of Arts in Education with an emphasis in Instructional Media Technology from California Polytechnic University and an undergraduate degree in English and Speech Communication Education from Illinois State University. Prior to joining WCL, he provided learning strategy and development of numerous online courses for Fortune 500 companies and government clients, with direct experience managing a Learning Management System for 27K+ employees.
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