Student Activities: From the Classroom to the Courtroom

Moot Court and Mock Trial Competitions

American University Washington College of Law students participate in numerous local and national mock trial and moot court competitions, including several that focus specifically on criminal law:

  • John L. Costello National Criminal Law Trial Advocacy Competition
  • Georgetown White Collar Crime Trial Tournament
  • John J Gibbons National Criminal Procedure Moot Court Competition

The Criminal Law Society

The Criminal Law Society (CLS) is a non-partisan, impartial student organization that seeks to explore the totality of the criminal justice system through events dealing with evocative and timely issues. The CLS is dedicated to creating opportunities for students interested in criminal law to interact with faculty, practitioners, judges, and community organizations that work in the field by holding panel discussions, networking events, field trips, career services programs, and volunteer community service.

The Criminal Law Practitioner

The Criminal Law Practitioner (CLP), formerly the Criminal Law Brief, is dedicated to addressing key issues in criminal law in ways that are helpful to practicing attorneys, judges, legislators, and law students. CLP, published biannually, promotes the scholarship of criminal practitioners and current American University, Washington College of Law students.