Contacting SBA

The Student Bar Association (SBA) at American University Washington College of Law serves as the student government organization for the law school. Contact us for more information.
American University Washington College of Law
4300 Nebraska Avenue, NW
Washington, DC 20016
You can find the SBA Lounge at YT04 - just past Grossman Hall.

The Student Bar Association (SBA)
President Pro Tempore Eugene Mok
Academic Affairs Chair Maximilian Raileanu
Finance Chair Chanel Chasanov
Groups and Organizations Chair Brenna Culliton
Student Services Chair Elysia Morelli
3L Senator Chanel Chasanov
3L Senator Vacant
3L Senator Vacant
3L Senator Ingrid Lesemann
3L Senator Vacant
3L Senator Vacant
2L Senator Billy Vazquez
2L Senator Maximilian Raileanu
2L Senator Savannah Maxwell
2L Senator Dolores Sinistraj
2L Senator Ben MacKenzie
2L Senator Brenna Culliton
At-Large Senator Mari Reyes
At-Large Senator Eugene Mok
At-Large Senator Cody Meixner
Part-Time Senator Alex Raby
Part-Time Senator Keiran Bleich
Transfer Senator Amanda Swietlik
Transfer Senator Marta Adamu
1L Senator Briana Gaddy
1L Senator Teagan Sebba
1L Senator Elysia Morelli
1L Senator Francesca Gross
1L Senator Christian Campbell
Chief Justice Mark Dunham
Associate Justice Rihana Miller
Associate Justice Caitlin Costa
Associate Justice Adam Adcock
Associate Justice Adam Rosen
Associate Justice John Cheretis
Associate Justice Yawar Iqbal