Environmental Law at WCL


Thinking about studying Environmental Law at WCL?

Recommended Courses:

LAW-601 Administrative Law

LAW-617 International Business & the Environment

LAW-618 International Environmental Law

LAW-629 Environmental Law

LAW-630 Regulation of Energy

LAW-648 Food and Drug Law

LAW-681 International Biodiversity & Wildlife Law

LAW-685 Oil and Gas Law

LAW-686 Federal Public Lands & Natural Resources

LAW-716 Environmental Litigation

LAW-721 Law of the Sea

LAW-737 International Institutions & Environmental Protection

LAW-777 Legislative Practice Seminar

LAW-783 Property & the Environment

LAW-788 Federal Regulatory Process

LAW-795 Animal and Wildlife Law

LAW-795 Marine Conservation Law & Policy

LAW-795 International Chemical Regulation

LAW-795 Environmental Compliance and Enforcement

LAW-795 International Climate Change Law

LAW-795 Development Finance & the Environment

LAW-795 Environmental Law Directed Research Seminar

LAW-795 Environmental Justice

LAW-795 Humane Rights & the Environment

LAW-813 Comparative Environmental Law

LAW-824 Water Law

LAW-829 Trade & Environment in the Americas: A Joint Course with Organization of American States

LAW-844 Advanced Environmental Law

LAW-844 Advance Environmental Law: Liability and Torts

LAW-851 Climate Change & the Law

LAW-852 Law of Non-Profit Organizations

LAW-892 The Washington Lawyer