Application Information

What internships qualify for a stipend?

  • Public interest or government sector
    • Must do mostly (80%) legal work
    • 400 hours in 10 weeks for a full stipend
    • Awardees may receive up to another $4,000 from another source
  • Please note that due to restrictions on certain streams of EJF funding, members will need to align their internship dates with certain start and end dates to receive the maximum award. We will release these dates as soon as they are available
  • Work for members of Congress and Dean's Fellowships as a rule do NOT qualify.
  • Clerkships for judges also usually do not qualify.
  • Email with questions about specific placements

How can I qualify for a stipend?

  • Attend a mandatory meeting at the beginning of the Fall semester
  • Accumulate 12 points, to be completed by the time the application is released in the spring.
    • 4 committee points. We will send out a Google form about a week after the final mandatory meeting so you can choose your committee. You will have the opportunity to choose your preferences and list your skills. Available committees will include:
      • Auction (organizing donations, set up/take down, staffing the event, etc.)
      • Off-Campus Donations (soliciting local businesses for donations)
      • On-Campus Donations (tracking all incoming donations, soliciting faculty, etc.)
      • Alumni (soliciting alums for donations and to attend the auction)
      • Publicity (advertising events, selling auction tickets, etc.)
      • Events (planning non-auction events)
    • 3 auction points (follow-up work, running errands, staffing the event, etc.).
    • 2 event points (attendance at a happy hour, the auction, or other approved event).
    • 3 community service hours. These may be fulfilled by extra work with your committee or for another committee, pro bono work (i.e., volunteering with a local nonprofit), tabling, or other EJF- or public interest-related work. Email to ask about specific activities.
  • Get a qualifying internship
    • Public-interest internship placement obtained by time of application
    • Position must not be for externship credit
    • Position cannot be with a lobbying organization or political entity
    • Position cannot be with a judge, justice, or administrative law judge
  • Commit to returning to WCL in the fall. If you transfer, you owe the money back.
  • Make sure you are authorized to work in the U.S.

DISCLAIMER: Even if you meet these qualifications, receipt of a stipend is NOT guaranteed. You still have to apply, and awards depend on availability of funds as well as your commitment to EJF and public interest. In general, the more work you put in, the more likely you are to receive a stipend.

Email the Co-Chairs of EJF, Sarah McHenry, Chloe Canetti, and Summer Woods at with any questions!

Examples of Prior Placements

  • DC Public Defender Service
  • US Attorney’s Office
  • National Abortion Federation
  • Department of Justice: Civil Rights Office
  • National Gay and Lesbian Task Force
  • Nat. Partnership for Women & Families
  • Greenpeace
  • California Nurses Association
  • CASA of Maryland
  • Our Place DC
  • United Nations
  • Gideon’s Promise
  • Fair Housing Project
  • Children’s Law Center
  • AIDS Law Project
  • International Criminal Tribunal
  • Catholic Charities
  • Immigrant & Refugee Rights Project
  • Human Rights Campaign
  • Int. Fund for Agricultural Development
  • Legal Aid Society
  • DC Dept. of Housing
  • Center for Migrants’ Rights
  • Tahirih Justice Center
  • And so many more…