Executive Board

Ingrid Lesemann

Ingrid Lesemann, 3L



Brooklyn night turned Carolina Girl. This Charlestonian intends to practice Farm Animal Protection Law. She parents a small rescue yorkie-mix named Zoe who loves to eat carrots. She is also an animal care volunteer at Poplar Springs Sanctuary.


Carolyn Larcom, 2L

VICE Chair


This west coast belle comes to us from the famed city of Los Angeles. She intends to practice Environmental, Animal Protection, and Food and Drug Law. Carolyn parents two rescue cats: Alaia and Limon.

Alycia Kokos

Alycia Kokos, 2L

Financial Chair


North Carolina bred, this beach babe recently joins us from Wrightville Beach or the dreamy Dawson's Creek, as some of us refer to it. She intends to practice coastal preservation law and/or animal protection law. She parents a spunky little pup named Bella.

Taylor Burnett

Taylor Burnett, 2L

Administrative Coordinator


You can take the girl out of Texas, but you can't take Texas out of the girl! This Texan intends to practice administrative law and use her passion for politics to advocate for changes in the way our society treats all animals. She parents a 106 pyrenees named Harper.

Lacy Mendrick

Lacey Mendrick, 3L

Project Coordinator


This New Yorker recently hails from the valley city of Buffalo on the eastern shores of the Lake Erie at the head of Niagara River. She intends to practice bankruptcy law or tax law, but she also wants to use her law degree to help animals. She parents three little kitties.