WCL Animal Law Society

Providing a forum for education, advocacy & scholarship aimed at protecting the lives & advancing the interests of animals through the legal system.

What is Animal Law?

Animal Law is an emerging legal field that combines statutory and case law in which the nature—legal, social or biological—of nonhuman animals is an important factor.

Animal law encompasses wildlife, animals used in entertainment, animals raised for food and research, companion animals, and sea life.

Who Are We?

We are a student chapter of the Animal Legal Defense Fund.

Because issues relating to Animal Law also relate to a broad spectrum of issues surrounding other legal fields, we are a group of Law Students who seek to show how Animal Law intersects with nearly every other law field. We also just really love animals!

To accomplish this:

  • We collaborate with other WCL Law Societies to host joint events.
  • We work closely with faculty and staff to bring animal friendly events to campus.
  • We host speakers who work in the Animal Protection Field.

Student Website

A Student Chapter of the Animal Legal Defense Fund