2017-2018 Board

Michelle Villegas



Michelle, 3L, is an LA native and UC Davis undergrad alumni.  As a daughter of immigrants with a passion for social justice, she is pursuing a career in Crimmigration in order to better serve marginalized communities like the one she comes from. Her hobbies include dancing to everything from Celia Cruz to Beyoncé, reading books that aren't for school, and eating lots of pho and tacos, not at the same time.

Brishailah Brown

Vice President


Brishailah is originally from Ocala, FL, but relocated to Orlando, FL to attend the University of Central Florida. She is interested in any area of the law where international economic law intersects with human rights. When she is not busy 3L-ing, her hobbies include laughing at her own jokes, pretending to be fit, and being the vice to Michelle's President. 

Jimmy Valenzuela


Jimmy, 1L, is a Southern California native and CSU-San Bernardino alumni.
As someone with a background in business, and an interest in
counter-terrorism, he is looking to pursue a career in National Security in
order to prevent future terrorist attacks and inform the general public of
the different types of terrorists. His hobbies include watching football
games, going out with friends to local brunches and happy hours, and
working out.

Tiara Bonet



Tiara, 2L, is a native New Yorker and a Hunter College alumni. She is looking to blend her art and media background into her law career. Her hobbies include film photography, wandering around museums and visiting every cupcake shop in D.C. 

Wendy Bonilla 

Director of Academic Affairs


Wendy, 2L, made her way to DC from Los Angeles. She’s a CSUF alumna with a degree in Political Science and Sociology and is currently pursuing the joint JD/MPP. She is pursuing a career in education law and policy with a touch of immigration with the aim to help enhance the quality and accessibility to education. Her hobbies include DIY furniture projects and working on the blog she’s starting with her roommate as they embark on the search to find DC’s best taco.