2011 Faculty Scholarship Award Winners

Each year the dean of the law school selects the internal Faculty Scholarship Award Winners considering the recommendations of a committee composed of the previous year's winners. The Committee on Scholarship for 2011 was composed of Professors Nancy Polikoff, Ira Robbins, and Robert Tsai.

2011 Faculty Scholarship Awards and winners:

Pauline Ruyle Moore Scholar Award

  • Professor Jenny Roberts for Misdemeanors Matter: Defining Effective Advocacy in the Lower Criminal Courts. UC DAVIS LAW REVIEW 45.2. (Dec. 2011)

Elizabeth Payne Cubberly Scholar Award

  • Professor Mary Siegel for The Holes in Majority Voting. COLUMBIA BUSINESS LAW REVIEW 364 (2011)

Emalee C. Godsey Scholar Award

  • Professor Jonas Anderson for Secret Inventions BERKELEY TECHNOLOGY LAW JOURNAL 26.2. (2011)

Egon Guttman Casebook Award

  • Professor Candace Kovacic-Fleischer for Equitable Remedies, Restitution and Damages Cases and Materials, 7th Ed (2011)

Robert & Billie Jo Kaufman Library Faculty Scholarship Award

  • Professor Ripple Weistling for her continuing online work on the Deans and Legal Education Bibliography which is hosted on the AALS website at its publication link.