Honoring the Raskin Family & Legacy

Family Member Jamie Raskin (Rep. MD) in a time of crisis – how the AUWCL community can help

AUWCL family member Jamie Raskin* and his family lost their son, Tommy Raskin, to depression on December 31, 2020. Tommy was a second-year law student at Harvard law, where father Jamie and mother Sarah also attended.

family photo of Jamie Raskin

Many in our community have sought ways in which they can show their support for the Raskin family- with most hoping to show community solidarity by creating something of lasting impact at AUWCL.  To that end, the information below is meant to help direct friends and members of the AUWCL community who would like to make a contribution to AUWCL in support of Jamie Raskin and his family.

Gifts to honor the Raskin family can be made in memory of Tommy Raskin and directed to the WCL Deans Fund.

All donations received will be appropriately documented and shared with the Raskin family, who will aid in determining the ultimate use of any contributions received.

For additional ways to show your support, the Raskin family has created a fund in honor of their son, the Tommy Raskin Memorial Fund for People and Animals. And hundreds of people are sharing good deeds they've done in his name, and including several of our AUWCL family.

*Professor Jamie Raskin is a Professor of Law Emeritus at AUWCL where he taught Constitutional Law, the First Amendment, and Legislative Process. He is also the U.S. Representative from Maryland’s 8th congressional district.