Rebecca Geller (WCL 2007)

Rebecca Geller

Name: Rebecca Geller (WCL 2007)
Employer: The Geller Law Group
Title: President & CEO
Practice Area: Trusts / Estates / Tax Planning

Rebecca is an award-winning attorney, a philanthropist, a trailblazer, and a passionate advocate for equality and human rights. She’s also a devoted wife, mom to three young kids + a dog, and community leader. In 2011, Rebecca formed The Geller Law Group with a business model that makes sense for working parents and embraces new roles both women and men are taking in their homes and communities. The firm has been featured in The NY Times and DC Bar Magazine and as among the Best 100 Places to Work in the DC area.

Rebecca’s client work includes wills/trusts/estate planning, corporate, contracts, mergers/acquisitions, trademark, political law, telecommunications, employment, and helping non-profits.

She will be presenting this month’s alumni webinar, an interactive exploration of: Strategies for Successful Tax & Wealth Planning