Kian Ronnasi (JD/MBA 2018)

Kian Ronnasi

Employer: Constellation Capital
Title: Principal
Practice Area: Venture Capital, Start-Ups, Alternative Investments

Kian has spent his professional career at the intersection of venture capital, start-ups, and alternative investments. He is a WCL and Kogod Business School alumnus who graduated in 2018 with a JD/MBA. Upon graduation, Kian served as Co-Founder and Vice President for Abaci Group, Inc. Abaci is an interactive financial technology platform that utilizes machine learning to revolutionize the private equity workflow.

Kian's passion for start-ups granted him the opportunity to join Constellation Capital as a Principal for the fund. Constellation is an NYC-based fund that leverages high-profile limited partners and marketing expertise for direct investments into consumer packaged goods companies. They specialize in financing food & beverage, fashion, and some beauty and skin care lines. Constellation works directly with A-list celebrities and athletes to invest in these companies and build brand partnerships.

In his own words: WCL was a pivotal piece in both my professional and personal life. The knowledge, mentorship, and guidance provided by the faculty and fellow colleagues were instrumental in allowing me to advance my career.