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Frequently Asked Questions By Students

  1. Who can apply? Anyone who will be a 4L, a full or part time 3L, or a full time 2L in 2018-2019 may apply to Clinic for that academic year.
  2. When can I apply? Early February 2018. The application deadline will be in mid-February. We will try to let students know about their placements by March 1st.
  3. How do I apply? On our website: We will post the application when it is open. Note that all applicants must attend at least one small group session before the end of the application period. The schedule will be posted under "Applying to Clinic."
  4. Can I apply to multiple clinics? Yes, you can rank as many clinics as you like in order of interest. We try to place students in their highest choice clinic possible.
  5. How are Clinic students selected? Most clinics select students by lottery, sometimes with adjustments on the margins to account for particular students’ backgrounds and expertise that would add to the seminar group and benefit the clinic as a whole. We aim to offer a clinic opportunity to as many students as possible, and we encourage students to be flexible about their options if they do not get their first choice placement.
  6. Are there things I cannot do while in Clinic? Students are not permitted to participate simultaneously in Clinic and either UNROW or the Kovler Project Against Torture (formerly UNCAT). We also have a blanket conflict policy that prohibits students form working for certain employers and internship/externship placements while in Clinic.
  7. How much time will I spend on Clinic work? In addition to seminar and class prep time, we estimate that students spend, on average, 20 hours per week on their case work. Some weeks, you may work much more than that; other weeks, you may work less. You should view Clinic as a demanding part-time job.
  8. Can I do multiple clinics during my time at WCL? At this time, we are unable to permit students to do more than one clinic while at WCL.
  9. If I don’t get into a clinic at first, will there be a waitlist? Yes. We typically place many students off the waitlist.
  10. What if I change my mind about participating in Clinic after accepting a spot? Students may only withdraw from clinic with instructor permission, usually only granted for good cause shown.
  11. Where can I learn more about the Clinic? Follow our blog and social media feeds!