Accepted Applicants

Congratulations! You have been accepted into the Clinical Program for Academic Year 2014-15. You will also be notified by e-mail about your selection. Below is a link to the Accept/Decline form that you will need to fill out by April 2, 2014 at 5:00 pm EDT. Along with your Accept/Decline form, if you are accepting your position, you will also need to pay the appropriate administrative fee. If you do not receive your e-mail notice, you may access the appropriate form by clicking on the link below.

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Civil Advocacy Clinic

Name Section Term
D'Anna, Maia Day Fall
Hekel, James Day Fall
Howes, John Day Fall
Johnson, Elizabeth Day Fall
Kellar, Justin Day Fall
Kumar, Aditi Day Fall
Mbadugha, Kristine Day Fall
Odunsi, Tolulope Day Fall
Pacheco, Bryan Day Fall
Schoultz, Shannon Day Fall
Singer Hurvitz, Emily Day Fall
Singer Hurvitz, Savanna Day Fall
Spellman, John Day Fall
Spodek, Colin Day Fall
Van Dusen, Lewis Day Fall
Wade, Jr., Mark Day Fall
Wilson, Katherine Day Fall
Zimmerman, Jarrad Day Fall
Anderson, Jason Eve Fall
Astorga, Bertha Eve Fall
Bedford, Amanda Eve Fall
Heller, Jacob Eve Fall
Karimi, Mahana Eve Fall
Moradi, Bahareh Eve Fall
O'Brien, Tim Eve Fall
Shin, Jessica Eve Fall
Aoudia, Kahina Day Spring
Asbell, Erica Day Spring
Cameron, Elan Day Spring
Carico, Taylor Day Spring
Chen, Nan Day Spring
De Leon, Andrea Day Spring
Dietle, Samantha Day Spring
Douglas, Meredith Day Spring
Fang, Tianqi Day Spring
Garg, Anusree Day Spring
Gold, Laura Day Spring
Kelly, Erin Day Spring
Mai, Vi Day Spring
Monahan, Rose Day Spring
Park, Hye Rim Day Spring
Persky, Dori Day Spring
Plantin, Cassandre Day Spring
Polsdofer, Stephan Day Spring
Potter, Christina Day Spring
Ramos, Kristina Day Spring
Rogers, Christopher Day Spring
Wang, Liang Day Spring
Wilson, Karyna Day Spring

Community & Economic Development Law Clinic

Name Section Term
Chavez, Gabrielle Full Year
Cruickshank-Mills , Louisa Full Year
de Boyrie, Elizabeth Full Year
Fritsch, Marine Full Year
Granberry, Whitley Full Year
Grove, Patrick Full Year
Harsy, Nathanael Full Year
Kim, Joyce Full Year
Kim, Mary Jean Full Year
Lee, Amber Full Year
Loesberg, David Full Year
Marks, Michael Full Year
McKiver, Charlotte Full Year
Norfleet, Carter Full Year
Phillips, Jordan Full Year
Saenz, Jesus Full Year
Siaca, Siobhan Full Year
Stolzman, Merve Full Year
Weider, Alexandra Full Year
Wellington, Christopher Full Year
Wellington, James Full Year

Criminal Justice Clinic

Name Section Term
Auteri, Gabriel Def Fall
Berry, Anne Def Fall
Cunniff, Emily Def Fall
Favinger, Gharrett Def Fall
Goetz, Sarah Def Fall
Kaufman, Daniel Def Fall
Matus, Jeffrey Def Fall
McKinney, Erica Def Fall
Plantin, Stephane Def Fall
Shear, Alexander Def Fall
Smith, Iyana Def Fall
Urbano, Angela Def Fall
Valencia, Saskia Def Fall
Bruni, Vincent Pros Fall
Esparza, Chris Pros Fall
Fogg, Jonathan Pros Fall
Mark, Raleigh Pros Fall
Martin, Montra Pros Fall
Morgan, Hurmayonne Pros Fall
Rivero, Eduardo Pros Fall
Sletten, Andrew Pros Fall
Torkelson, Ashley Pros Fall
Watkins, Justin Pros Fall
Zimmer, Rebecca Pros Fall
Anglade, Dominique Def Spring
Asprino, Luis U. Def Spring
Bennett, Amber Def Spring
Bird, Samantha Def Spring
Brown, Michael Def Spring
Deeley, Hunter Def Spring
Kalolwala, Saifuddin Def Spring
Kavanagh, Joseph Def Spring
LoGaglio, Gabrielle Def Spring
Maes, Robert Def Spring
Nothdurft, Robert Def Spring
Riedo, Catherine Def Spring

D.C. Law Students in Court

Name Section Term
Armour, Jonathan Fall
Bray, Carolyn Fall
Garofalo, Bruno Fall
Goodis, Robert Fall
Guzman, Velisima Fall
Pollak, Marc Fall
Rajpoot, Shehrish Fall
Snyder, Hollianne Fall
Disney, Pamela Spring
Genn, Benjamin Spring
Moore, Sara Spring
Ouellette, Jesse Spring
Serna, Samantha Spring
Thayer, Joel Spring

Disability Rights Law Clinic

Name Section Term
Bassey, Henrissa Full Year
Bayern, Michael Full Year
Bender, Ashley Full Year
Brumfield , Raziya Full Year
Cloeter , Anna Full Year
Ibe, Annegelica Full Year
Israel, Kelly Full Year
Koya, Feyisope Full Year
Mansour-Cole, Rachel Full Year
Rinaldi, Gena Full Year
Vinson, Leyla Full Year
Vinson, Noelle Full Year

Domestic Violence Clinic

Name Section Term
Coren, Alexander Full Year
Hutchinson, Jessica Full Year
Iannolo, Alexandra Full Year
Kowalczyk, Wojciech Full Year
Lamchick, Shaina Full Year
Liu, Zhengping Full Year
Rubino, Jillian Full Year
Saul, Genevieve Full Year
Yeager, Victoria Full Year

International Human Rights Law Clinic

Name Section Term
Adegbenro, Adedoyin Full Year
Aden, Ilays Full Year
Ahuja, Pious Full Year
Cameron, Heather Full Year
Elliott, Christa Full Year
Funderburk, Bailey Full Year
Gonzalez, Andrea Full Year
Hoornstra, Ashley Full Year
Hussein, Rahma Full Year
Littell, Nicole Full Year
Llanes, David Full Year
McCabe, Emily Full Year
McKenzie, Kaitlin Full Year
Rebolo, Stephanie Full Year
Richman, Natalie Full Year
Steiner, Nicholas Full Year

Immigrant Justice Clinic

Name Section Term
Al-Khatib, Alia Full Year
Aziz, Saba Full Year
Brown, Miatrai Full Year
CarriĆ³n, Daniela Full Year
Cortes, Paula Full Year
Feuer, Rachel Full Year
Fullerton, Lindsay Full Year
Guzman, Magdiel Full Year
Hagemeyer Leonardo-Pereira, Winnie Full Year
Kinney, Michele Full Year
LaRaus, Jake Full Year
Lee, Jeanna Full Year
Munoz, David Full Year
Nadas, Rachel Full Year
Palmer, David Full Year
Shah, Nirali Full Year

Glushko-Samuelson Intellectual Property Law Clinic

Name Section Term
Chaffin, Alexandra Full Year
Crovo, Nicholas Full Year
deLevie, Alan Full Year
El-Bayeh, Alexandra Full Year
Farshidi, Ava Full Year
Frank, Charles Full Year
Frank, Sarah Full Year
Hoke, Breanne Full Year
Lockhart , Kristin Full Year
Morris, Caile Full Year
O'Connor, Sarah Full Year
Patrick, Mark Full Year
Perez, Jonathan Full Year
Rickman, Jessica Full Year
Stedman, Cori Full Year
Toumadj, Ali Full Year
Vidovich, Jack Full Year
Wodajo, Yenu Full Year

Janet R. Spragens Federal Tax Clinic

Name Section Term
Aboulhosn, Laura Fall
Bodi, Tyler Fall
Cho, Elise Fall
Enns, Lucie Fall
Hrbacek, Bryan Fall
Jacobs, Kyle Fall
Kidambi, Harini Fall
Lee, KyuSeob Fall
Mallick, Naema Fall
Nayo, Derrick Fall
Niba, Jacqueline Fall
Samuels, Lara Fall
Sandler, Karna Fall
Taneja, Parth Fall
Zhang, Yuxuan Fall
Ciardiello, Kenneth Spring
Ding, Elaine Spring
Dukette, Elizabeth Spring
Evans, Gregory Spring
Glover, Christina Spring
Jones, Johnathan Spring
Karamyalil, Lukose Spring
McIntire, William Spring
Merkel, Jeremy Spring
Rubin, Chelsea Spring
Shah, Nirali N. Spring
Shuster, Allison Spring
Spataro, John Spring
Stewart, Catherine Spring
Tanifum, Trevor Spring
Tariq, Juhi Spring
Welker, Stephen Spring

Women and the Law Clinic

Name Section Term
Haleem, Amina Fall
Kim, Min Jung Fall
Lee, You Ree Fall
Afolayan, Ifeoluwa E. Full Year
Bayoumi, Jeanette Full Year
Black , Savannah Full Year
Cowin, Jason Full Year
Elhaddad, Christina Full Year
Estabrook, Amanda Full Year
Glickman, Deanna Full Year
Hartl, Danielle Full Year
Jovanovic, Tijana Full Year
Jumper, Maya Full Year
Kwan, Mary Full Year
Lee, Teresa Full Year
mansouri, Sina Full Year
O'Neil, Lauren Full Year
Paisner, Leah Full Year
Rosenberg, Erica Full Year
Sharma, Henna Full Year