Accepted Applicants

Congratulations! You have been accepted into the Clinical Program for Academic Year 2016-17. You will also be notified by e-mail about your selection. Below is a link to the Accept/Decline form that you will need to fill out by Wednesday, March 30th, at 5pm EDT. Along with your Accept/Decline form, if you are accepting your position, you will also need to pay the appropriate administrative fee. If you do not receive your e-mail notice, you may access the appropriate form by clicking on the link below.

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Civil Advocacy Clinic

Name Section Term
Adams, Hunter Day Fall
Alfonzo, Maria Day Fall
Brostowin, Peter Day Fall
Cabrera, Michael Day Fall
Dhillon, Harjot Day Fall
Galindo, Fadia Day Fall
Garo, Cindy Day Fall
Khodr Agha, Chafica Day Fall
Moldovan, Gregory Day Fall
Mutavdzija, Andrew Day Fall
Nazarian, Agnes Day Fall
Pervis, Chauna Day Fall
Powell, Sterling Day Fall
Trautman, Shelley Day Fall
Varghese, Christine Day Fall
Ayalp, Sedef Eve Fall
Blatchly, Joanna Eve Fall
Cutrell, Donald Eve Fall
Deitz, Justine Eve Fall
Efraim, Barbara Eve Fall
Ellison, Raenetta Eve Fall
Hanna, Rene Eve Fall
Mason, Matthew Eve Fall
O'Malley, John Robert Eve Fall
Washington, Sidney Eve Fall
McKenney, Jessica Spring
Albro, Shawnta Day Spring
Antypas, Alexander Day Spring
Benjamin, Emily Day Spring
Brown, Michael Day Spring
Coppler, Catriona Day Spring
Fan, Menglan (Athena) Day Spring
Husain, Alina Day Spring
Kamalanathan, Ajente Day Spring
Kohgadai, Sara Day Spring
Lavrenyuk, Anna Day Spring
Levy, Justin Day Spring
Martinez, Nicole J. Day Spring
Moreno, Ruby Day Spring
Rodriguez, Ninozka Day Spring
Scruggs, Jacob Day Spring
Shah, Pooja Day Spring
Steinfels, Ethan Day Spring
Sutton, Kieley Day Spring
Warmke, William Day Spring
Zipp, John Day Spring

Community & Economic Development Law Clinic

Name Section Term
Beirne, Marisa Full Year
Bhakta, Mosmi Full Year
Conrad, Robert Full Year
Creech, Christopher Full Year
Curfman, Adam Full Year
Glaub, Megan Full Year
Hamilton, Darelee Full Year
Harris, JimShir Full Year
Jeung , Jieun Full Year
Kim, Daniel Full Year
Koruba, Kimberly Full Year
Lee, (Calvin) Geon Hee Full Year
Liao , Stephanie Full Year
Morgan, Alexander Full Year
Powell, Matthew Full Year
Rafati, Nura Full Year
Sebstead, David Full Year
Yeo, SOOKYUNG (Haley) Full Year

Criminal Justice Clinic

Name Section Term
Abner, Castell Adult/Juvenile Fall
Martinez, Roberto Adult/Juvenile Fall
Moehrle, Christina Adult/Juvenile Fall
nizami, aroosa Adult/Juvenile Fall
Schroeder, Cheline Adult/Juvenile Fall
Teitell, Justin Adult/Juvenile Fall
Beato, Luz Juvenile Fall
Fairchild, Sara Juvenile Fall
Lizama, Thelma Juvenile Fall
MCHENRY, SARAH Juvenile Fall
West, Sarah Juvenile Fall
Williams, Janie Juvenile Fall
Adrian , Joshua Pros Fall
Butler, Shaniqua Pros Fall
Carson, Chris Pros Fall
Deossa, Jorge Pros Fall
Holmes, Jenna Pros Fall
Lherault, Daniel Pros Fall
Marcela, Michael Pros Fall
Mohamed, Soraya Pros Fall
Rao, Monisha Pros Fall
Rodriguez, Kristen Pros Fall
Walker, Calvin Pros Fall
Chambi, Gabriela Defense Spring
Hill, James Defense Spring
Hofhenke, Brooke Defense Spring
Hutchens, Cory Defense Spring
Medina, Layla Defense Spring
Reid-Collazo, Tiffany Defense Spring
Watkins, Olivia Defense Spring
Williams, Rudy Defense Spring

D.C. Law Students in Court

Name Section Term
Askanas, Isabelle Fall
Gauthier, Brian Fall
Harding, Niall Fall
Radbod, Joshua Fall
Schmidt, Ryan Fall
Taylor, Dorethea Fall
Choi, Do Nam Spring
Delgado, Dagatha Spring
Levy, Mark Spring
Paradis, Blake Spring
Rhoden, Andrew Spring
Twomey, Jameson Spring
Leite, Kendra Day Spring

Disability Rights Law Clinic

Name Section Term
Ceasar , Holly Full Year
Findling, Samantha Full Year
Little, Kristine Full Year
Mazzei, Allison Full Year
McCaskey, Daniel Full Year
Millham, Schuyler Full Year
Molk, Ariel Full Year
Reyes, Myra Full Year
Salman, Neelam Full Year
Scully, Samantha Full Year
Silverman, Abbey Full Year
Sun, Sydney Full Year
Wolfford, Emily Full Year

Domestic Violence Clinic

Name Section Term
Cedillo, Jessica Full Year
Kocubinski, Stephanie Full Year
Light, Melissa Full Year
McArthur, Emma Full Year
McCarty, Benjamin Full Year
Monahan, Meghan Full Year
Ravotti, Nicholas Full Year
Renkiewicz, Paula Full Year

International Human Rights Law Clinic

Name Section Term
Anselm, Kayleigh Full Year
Benjamin, Sarah June Full Year
Costa, Stephanie Full Year
Gestal, Daniel Full Year
Gwynn, Brittany Full Year
Kufuor, Keisha Full Year
Makarenko, Darya Full Year
Medina Cordero, Marina Full Year
Melbostad, Wilson Full Year
Metsu, Lou Full Year
Mohsen, Engie Full Year
Mustafa, Mohammed Full Year
Rivera Ramirez, Elsa Paulina Full Year
Royer, Janna Full Year
Selvam, Anupama Full Year
Shaw, Mary Full Year
Wani-Kenyi, Nakuma Full Year
Washington, Whitney Full Year
Wegman, Karina Full Year

Immigrant Justice Clinic

Name Section Term
Beck, Katherine Full Year
Brito, Gabriela Full Year
Castillo, Rodolfo Full Year
Cherry, Tiana Full Year
DeBrine, Earl Full Year
Donovan, Kristin Full Year
Dorgham, Samy Full Year
Felusiak, Justyna Full Year
Garcia, Ann Full Year
Hernandez, Rafael Full Year
Rodriguez, Jeannesis Full Year
Shemin, Doran Full Year
Tan, Brian Full Year
Tiengwe, Calvine Full Year

Glushko-Samuelson Intellectual Property Law Clinic

Name Section Term
Angotti, Salvatore Full Year
Arriola, Kimberly Full Year
Budron, Dima Full Year
DeFrancesco, Megan Full Year
Flebbe, Kevin Full Year
Jancuska, Lauren Full Year
Kim, Daniel Full Year
Levi, Eric Full Year
Marcum, Michael Full Year
Najera, David Full Year
Nwabueze, Elizabeth Full Year
Rogers, Sekoia Full Year
Scleidorovich, Joanna Full Year
Shapiro, Lauren Full Year
Shursky, Julia Full Year
Smith, Shelby Full Year

Janet R. Spragens Federal Tax Clinic

Name Section Term
Abitabile, Kristen Fall
Bezerra, John Fall
Calandra, Adam Fall
Castillo, Marjorie Fall
Goldstein, Jennifer Fall
Han, Shelley Fall
Haque, Mohaimina Fall
Lintott, Megan Fall
Meister, Helene Fall
Nanovic, Erin Fall
Ojo-Uyi, Abinmbola Fall
Petroski, Joseph Fall
Poteshman, Allan Fall
Sands, Jared Fall
Shin, Jangwook Fall
Tariq, Nadeem Fall
Weissman, David Fall
Benipal, Raveena Spring
Butler, Catherine Spring
Ciardullo, Patsy Spring
Clark, Lisa Spring
Dang, Tammy Spring
Douglass, Earle Spring
Ghani, Waheeda Spring
Gómez-Morgan, Victoria Spring
Hipes, Alea Spring
Leon, Kimberly Spring
Linero Guarda, Gerardo Spring
McKinlay, Morgan Spring
Peeples, Jacob Spring
Richmond, William Spring
Ronnasi, Kian Spring
Solano, Alejandro Spring
Suri, Kirti Spring

Women and the Law Clinic

Name Section Term
Daley, Nicole Fall
Kennedy, Alanna Fall
Alsbeey, Abdullah Full Year
Aoughsten, Mamie Full Year
Bond, Rachel Full Year
Chavez, Jazmin Full Year
Chong, Joanne Full Year
Corrigan, Mallory Full Year
fadel, sandra Full Year
Hurley, Barbara Full Year
Jackson, Jasmine Full Year
Macaysa, Ashley Full Year
Mance, Alyssa Christine Full Year
Martin, Sarah Full Year
Mokaddem, Alia Full Year
O'Connor, Noah Full Year
Sincleair, Maegen Full Year
Smith, Dara Full Year
Soule, Mary Full Year
White, Lindsey Full Year