Accepted Applicants

Congratulations! You have been accepted into the Clinical Program for Academic Year 2015-16. You will also be notified by e-mail about your selection. Below is a link to the Accept/Decline form that you will need to fill out by Wednesday, March 4th, at noon EST. Along with your Accept/Decline form, if you are accepting your position, you will also need to pay the appropriate administrative fee. If you do not receive your e-mail notice, you may access the appropriate form by clicking on the link below.

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Civil Advocacy Clinic

Name Section Term
Nagy, Szabolcs
Benitez, Gidget Day Fall
Brown, Lee-Ann Day Fall
Catalan, Emmanuel Day Fall
Cone, Maria Cristina Nicolette Day Fall
Elkin, Jeffrey Day Fall
Elliott, Joseph Day Fall
Farris, Amy Day Fall
Halili, Mary Rocelyn Day Fall
Harmon, Jeb-Michael Day Fall
Jeffrey, Jolena Day Fall
Nemeroff, Justin Day Fall
Richbourg, Kassie Day Fall
Shannon, Collin Day Fall
Sibert, Charles Day Fall
Augustus, Reginald Eve Fall
Fontanesi, Christopher Eve Fall
Fowler, Dillon Eve Fall
Giles, Margaret Eve Fall
Harriton, Sean Eve Fall
Jameson, Robert Eve Fall
Khan, Maliha Eve Fall
McQueeney, Matthew Eve Fall
Mitchell, Christin Eve Fall
Murphy, Kerry Eve Fall
Norwood, Richard Eve Fall
Vellon, Joseph Eve Fall
Afshar, Naveed Day Spring
Andican, Raziye Day Spring
Beerer, Kelsey Day Spring
Blakely, William Day Spring
Carlson, Kelly Day Spring
Chughtai, Farhan Day Spring
DeMahy, Angela Day Spring
Go, Kamille Day Spring
Johnson, Trace Day Spring
Mackey, James Day Spring
Mempin, Ricardo Day Spring
Morales, Katelin Day Spring
Mowatt-Larssen, Kelsey Day Spring
Patel, Krupa Day Spring
Rolain, Annette Day Spring
Rosenberg, Stephanie Day Spring
Sauvadet, Pauline Day Spring
Schaefer, Scott Day Spring
Sooriakumar, Sempian Day Spring
Teets, Brian Day Spring
Tsang, Chi Ching Day Spring
Uranje, Weyinmi Day Spring

Community & Economic Development Law Clinic

Name Section Term
Adjei-Danso, Adjua Full Year
Ainciart, Jacob Full Year
Bales, Lillian Full Year
Berlage, Rachel Full Year
D'Abravanel, Jed Full Year
Duque , M Rhey Full Year
Geyer, Lily Full Year
Heering, Eitan Full Year
Infante, Sarai Full Year
John, George Full Year
Jose, Daniel Full Year
Parker, Julia Full Year
Sharma, Vinay Full Year
Smith, Whittney Full Year
Sun, Taoran Full Year
Toliver, James Full Year
Tsui, Charlotte Full Year
Zack, Brian Full Year

Criminal Justice Clinic

Name Section Term
Assefi, Omeed Def Fall
Bellido , Claudia Def Fall
Davidson, Brittany Def Fall
Favinger, Gharrett Def Fall
Flynn-Schneider, Andrea Def Fall
Gordon, Nicholas Def Fall
Gossmann, James Def Fall
Hinton, Danielle Def Fall
Lechuga, Maricela Def Fall
Lively, Jesse Def Fall
Ollar, Stephen Def Fall
Paglini, Lauren Def Fall
Smith, Aspen Def Fall
Tackett, Carolyn Def Fall
Weaver , Makia Def Fall
Yunes, Jonathan Def Fall
Braschi, Sandra Pros Fall
Chadha, Elizabeth Pros Fall
Coburn, Michael Pros Fall
Edenzon, Kelsey Pros Fall
Hanssen, Desiree Pros Fall
Jacques, Sarah Pros Fall
Kaplan, Hannah Pros Fall
Khan, Mahira Pros Fall
Melander, Kyrsten Pros Fall
Ross, Charles Pros Fall
Torres, Amanda Pros Fall
Valencia, Christopher Pros Fall
Carozza, Alessandra Def Spring
Christensen, Jacob Def Spring
Jouvin, Vanessa Def Spring
Kemper, Kyle Def Spring
Leman, Elizabeth Def Spring
Leo, Trina Def Spring
Orgill, Janissia Def Spring
Smith, Deirdre Def Spring

D.C. Law Students in Court

Name Section Term
Addie, Trevor Fall
Citrenbaum, Anne Fall
Collazo, Charlene Fall
Knutson, Brittany Fall
Mukhlis, Hassan Fall
Perez, Marcelo Fall
Petrella, Jessica Fall
Youm, Jacqueline Fall
Brower, Melisa Spring
Dang, Madeline Spring
Duenas, Valeria Spring
Fayman, Irving Spring
Huber, Gina Spring
Mann, Rachel Spring
Nemmer, Travis Spring
Strasser, Samantha Spring
Thies, Nicholas Spring
Walsh, Katelen Spring

Disability Rights Law Clinic

Name Section Term
Ahsan, Naomi Full Year
Andriola, Eri Full Year
Coad, Jordyn Full Year
Frias, Desiree Joy Full Year
Haseley, Heather Full Year
Kempson, Judson Full Year
Kinser, Patrick Full Year
Kitchelt , Brianna Full Year
Madni, Aabru Full Year
Nyambok, Janet Full Year
Poucher, Stephanie Full Year
Rigby, Alexandra Full Year
Scarantino, Michael Full Year

Domestic Violence Clinic

Name Section Term
Best Husband, Gabrielle Full Year
Fisher, Elizabeth Full Year
Gomez, Isabel Full Year
Ingram, Catherine Full Year
Morris, Jessika Full Year
Rigney, Mary-Kaitlin Full Year
Roy, Emma Full Year
Satterlee, Erika Full Year

International Human Rights Law Clinic

Name Section Term
Awad, Felipe Full Year
Battaglia, Kirsten Full Year
Clark-Kevan, Meghan Full Year
Esteve, Arturo Full Year
Farina, Amy Full Year
Friedmann, Kathryn Full Year
Jabbour, Claire Full Year
Jiang, Rachel Full Year
Martial, Thomas Full Year
Mera Martinez, Daniel Full Year
Mikhail, Amira Full Year
Pattarini, Roberto Full Year
Race, Megan Full Year
Rasheed, Mehreen Full Year
Stressenger, Anna Full Year
Varnes, Richard Full Year
Vassefi, Tara Full Year
Williams, Alexandra Full Year
Woldeab, Yvonne Full Year

Immigrant Justice Clinic

Name Section Term
Adamopoulos, Irene Full Year
Aramayo, Alejandra Full Year
Arcese, Julia Full Year
Bahr, Andrew Full Year
Chen, Angela Full Year
Chung, Woosung Full Year
Craig, Michael Full Year
Gicherman, Jessica Full Year
Kajouee, Shereen Full Year
Kimball, Kathryn Full Year
Morgan, Jillian Full Year
Mulhauser, Whitney-Ann Full Year
Roffe, Jacob Full Year
Schneider, Daniel Full Year
Siwotso, kossi Full Year
Sutton, Matthew Full Year
Wang, Yiliu Full Year
Whaley, Caitlin Full Year

Glushko-Samuelson Intellectual Property Law Clinic

Name Section Term
Zahedi, Yasaman
Chorly , Aurelie Full Year
Evans, Crystal Full Year
Garner, Jessica Full Year
Guillaume, Noemie Full Year
Hardison, Kendal Full Year
Harper, Paul Full Year
Kim, Jung Full Year
Mathieu, Aurelie Full Year
Mrzyk , Malgorzata Full Year
Nam, Jessica Full Year
Odom, Jameel Full Year
Perez, Renato Full Year
Reckell, Chelsea Full Year
Shursky, Julia Full Year
Singer, Taylor Full Year
Stelly, Rachael Full Year
Tzou, Darlene Full Year
Wicker, Aaron Full Year
Wilson, Alexandra Full Year

Janet R. Spragens Federal Tax Clinic

Name Section Term
Bajwa, Navpreet Fall
Beaton, John Fall
Caceres, Luis Fall
Colihan, Leigh Fall
Davey, Jonathan Fall
Evrard, Kristine Fall
Garcia De Paredes, Jaime Fall
Haddox, Mark Fall
Joh, Yeon-Joo Fall
Keller, Jonathan Fall
Kim, Theresa Fall
Rodgers, Mai Lan Fall
Roh, Seung Whan Fall
Shannon, Jessica Fall
Shin, Kimberly Fall
Vizcarrondo, Juan Fall
Chen, Anthony Spring
Erly, Christopher Spring
Gadhia, Rajan Spring
Goodall, Jess Spring
Kapoor, Ajay Spring
Maxwell, Trevor Spring
Mesbahi, Mohammad Spring
Murphy, Megan Spring
Patel, Nidhi Spring
Richardson, Kelly Spring
Roach, Callie Spring
Satz, Meridith Spring
Shagdarova, Soelma Spring
Stephens, Judith Spring
Swanson, Lauren Spring
Tomecek, Katrina Spring

Women and the Law Clinic

Name Section Term
Ayala, Sequoia Fall
Kepkay, Allison Fall
Bienenfeld, Frida Full Year
Burns, Jasmine Full Year
Carlson, Briana Full Year
Currier, Anna Full Year
Durané, Marie Full Year
Finuccio, Andrea Full Year
Hogan, Ashley Full Year
Kaganovskaya, Margarita Full Year
Lau, Theresa Full Year
Le, Huyen Full Year
Lin, Terry Full Year
Mayer, Hannah Full Year
McKay, Mariah Full Year
Modica, Kristine Full Year
Morley, Jacqueline Full Year
Morris, Jessica Full Year
Nettleford-Bruce, Monique Full Year
Niazi, Sophia Full Year
Penna, Kelsey Full Year
Potash , Leah Full Year