Skills-Based Training

Advocacy training in trial litigation is one of the staples of legal education in the United States. Pacific McGeorge was the first law school in the nation to win the prestigious Emil Gumpert Award for excellence in advocacy training.

Chinese law schools have shown increasing interest in teaching practical skills. Introducing these activities and adapting them to Chinese conditions will benefit that country and its many trading partners. But litigation skills are only part of the project that is designed to train Chinese junior law professors in the teaching of professional skills with an emphasis on negotiation, mediation and arbitration. Together with Chinese law professors, Pacific McGeorge will develop solution-based programs for training in all forms of advocacy.

American University will offer clinical education workshops to be held at one of the Chinese partner institutions, and will coordinate joint U.S.-China research projects on clinical education and a scholarly conference. The summer workshops with junior Chinese law professors will develop templates that can be re-used in law schools throughout China. All participants will emerge with expertise in dispute adjudication.

By adopting the new courses to be developed by this program, China will begin to expand its ranks of legal professionals with strong skills in community problem-solving. Such a cadre will enable China to advance the rule of law by promoting ethics, professionalism and transparency.