OCPD Alumni Judicial Clerkship Survey

Introductory Information

1. First Name: Last Name:
2. When did you graduate from WCL?
3. Please list your current employer and position.
  Current Employer Position
4. When did you clerk?
5. What type of clerkship was your position?
6. Please list the name of the judge and/or court where you clerked.
  Judge's name:
  Division (e.g., civil, criminal, family), if any:
7. What was your class rank when you applied (if you feel comfortable disclosing this information)?
8. What were your major activities while in law school?
Hold CTRL for multiple selections



9. Which of the following best describes your interview with the judge or court representative?
10. Please list any general or specific questions you remember from your interview.
11. How long was the interview?
12. How long after the interview did you receive an offer?
13. How long did you have to respond to the offer?

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