Judicial Clerkship Interview - Feedback Form

1. First Name:
2. Last Name:
3. Judge:
4. Court:
5. May WCL students/alumni contact you to discuss this judge or court?
  Yes No
If yes, provide preferred contact information (phone/e-mail):
6. Date of interview (approximate):
7. Clerkship Year:
8. How long was the interview (please separately note time spent with different individuals)?
9. Please describe your interview with the judge (check all that apply).
Casual conversation Hypothetical/substantive law questions
Questions about your resume  
10. In addition to the judge, with whom did you interview (check all that apply)?
Current clerk(s) Secretary or admin assistant
Other court representative:
11. If you met with the current clerk(s), please describe this interaction (check all that apply).
Casual conversation Present mainly to answer your questions
Questions about your resume Other
12. If the interview process consisted of several rounds or was part of a centralized hiring process, please describe the general format/structure.

Not applicable
13. Please list any general topics or specific questions you remember from your interview (noting who asked them).
14. If applicable, describe anything unusual/unexpected about the interview format or questions.
15. Please note any information you learned about the daily operations of chambers and clerk duties.
16. What was your sense of the judge's interaction with his/her clerk(s) (e.g., formal, lunch every day, communication only in writing, mentoring relationship)?
17. If you received an offer:
(a) How long after the interview did you hear from the judge/court?

(b) How long did you have to make a decision?

18. On a scale of 1 to 5 (1 being the lowest and 5 being the highest) how would you rate the job experience you believe a clerk would have with this judge or court?
19. Please provide any other information or advice for students interviewing with this judge/court.

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