A Career in Public Interest

Public service encapsulates a wide range of roles for attorneys. Public service includes working for local or federal government as well as non-profit organizations, where lawyers can fill a wide variety of roles. For some attorneys, public interest lawyering involves directly representing individuals or groups who otherwise could not afford legal counsel. For others, public interest practice involves policy reform, community advocacy, or compliance analysis. There are also law firms that describe their practice as public interest. Although those firms are technically for-profit, they specialize in many of the same issues as non-profit organizations, such as employment rights, consumer protection, or disability rights litigation.

If you’d like to explore a public interest career path, be sure to make an appointment with an OCPD career counselor to develop job search strategies and review application materials. 

How to Find a Public Interest Job or Internship

Click on the link for a list of resources to help you find organizations in the public interest field. As you conduct your research, be sure to learn about their mission, projects, new initiatives they are planning, and the types of employees they hire.

Networking Resources