Large Firms

Most people think of a large law firm when they think about firms. The term "large" can refer to firms of over 100 attorneys, and includes firms as large as 1,000 attorneys or more worldwide. There are a few characteristics that define a large firm. Other than size, most, if not all, large firms have more than one office. A firm might have an office in Washington, New York, Houston, Chicago and London. Generally, the largest office will be the main office, while smaller offices will serve as branch offices.

So how do you get a job in a large law firm?

  • Participate in Fall Recruitment. Large law firms are able to assess their hiring needs in advance, and therefore typically recruit entry-level associates through their summer associate program. The application and interview process for summer associate positions begins in the summer after your first year of law school and continues into the first semester of your second year.

  • Last year, over 150 employers (many being large firms) participated in AUWCL’s Fall Recruitment program.

  • Firms look at a number of hiring criteria for their summer associate programs, including grades, law review or journal participation, moot court or mock trial, prior work experience, and more. Each firm weighs these factors differently when deciding who to interview. Every year students receive offers for summer associate positions without “top” grades.

  • Successful students utilize a comprehensive strategy comprised of researching firms in the spring and summer, networking with attorneys, attending summer firm receptions, and applying to a large range of employers.

  • An OCPD career counselor can help you navigate the Fall Recruitment process. This process can include on campus interviews, resume collections, direct applications, participation in external job fairs, and more.


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