Judicial Clerkship Resources: Federal Court Clerkship Resources


In the jobs & resume collection section, find job postings for some federal clerkships (mostly pro se clerks, staff attorney positions, and administrative agency clerkships). In the clerkships section, download addresses for federal judges of interest.

WCL Judicial Clerkship Alumni Survey Database

Used to locate and review feedback from alumni who clerked with federal judges around the country.

Online System for Clerkship Application and Review (OSCAR)

Provides hiring information and the ability to apply electronically to judges participating in this internet-based application system. Also provides judge-specific hiring information, including a searchable database of circuit judges, district judges, magistrate judges, bankruptcy judges, and other federal judges. NOTE: This is not an exhaustive list! Even if a judge is not listed, he or she may be hiring clerks

Judicial Yellow Book

Provides contact and biographical information for federal judges.

BNA’s Directory of State & Federal Courts, Judges & Clerks

Appellate court and general trial court judges. Provides contact and biographical information for state court judges, as well as charts of each state's court structure.

Almanac of the Federal Judiciary

Provides contact and biographical information, noteworthy rulings, lawyer evaluations, and media coverage of federal judges.


WLD-JUDGE & AFJ Databases - Provides contact and biographical information for federal judges.

U.S. Courts

This website contains links to federal courts around the country. Some include clerkship information.

Direct Calls

It is acceptable to directly call chambers or the court with inquiries about application timing and requirements when the available resources fail to answer your