Application Process: Writing Samples

Your writing sample must be well-organized, free of typographical and grammatical errors, and demonstrate your legal research and analytical skills. Although there is not typically an official page limit, your sample should be from 8-15 pages. The most appropriate submission is a legal brief or memorandum written in law school or during your summer employment. For some positions, a more theoretical article or note could be appropriate (possibly with appellate courts).

At times, on a cover sheet, it is helpful to explain the source of the document (class, job, moot court) and any background information that helps the judge understand your submission (assignment from an employer or the facts you were given by a professor). You can submit a section of a larger document as long as you explain the context of the section you are sending. Although OCPD cannot substantively review writing samples, we can look at writing samples generally and offer feedback regarding the appropriateness of the submission for the specific position. For further help, please contact Legal Rhetoric.