Criminal Law

Prosecutors and Public Defenders




Government jobs in criminal law can prosecute or defend individuals accused of crimes. AUWCL is fortunate that our Criminal Justice Practice and Policy Institute has a robust resource library for students pursuing criminal justice careers.

Remember: although most people think of the US Attorney’s Office prosecuting in DC, we also have our Office of Attorney General!

Criminal Justice Resources


Check out the Criminal Justice Practice and Policy Institute’s Resources Page for a range of links to important websites and organizations, including the below resources:

Criminal Justice Policy and Practice Institute Alumni Network: This nationwide database connects alumni working in criminal justice with students.

Criminal Justice Employment Resource Book by WCL’s Criminal Justice Practice & Policy Institute: This guide contains information regarding State and Federal Prosecutors’ and Defenders’ offices in multiple jurisdictions.

Juvenile Defense Guide: This guide contains information about building a career in juvenile defense, including a list of practice organizations devoted to this work in the majority of states.