2017 Spring Recruitment


Spring Recruitment is a program that encompasses a broad spectrum of opportunities for current law students, ranging from summer positions to permanent, post-graduate employment in Washington, DC and across the country. Regardless of your career objectives, OCPD strongly encourages you to review the employers who take part in Spring Recruitment to determine if you have an interest in participating in the program.

Remember: Spring Recruitment is an important part of any student's job search process, but it is only one part. Students should not rely solely on Spring Recruitment when seeking summer or post-graduate employment. Opportunities to apply for positions occur throughout the year through additional programs, career fairs, job & internship postings, and more.

Further, a successful job search depends on your personal efforts. In addition to programs and job postings, you should research employment opportunities that match your career goals. Past employers, co-workers, AUWCL alumni, professors, family, and friends are just a few examples of invaluable resources to utilize in the job search.

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