WCL 2Ls, 3Ls, and Alumni Seeking Reciprocity with Other Schools

Reciprocity allows WCL second and third year students and alumni to use resources from other law schools' Career Services Offices/ Offices of Career & Professional Development. Second and Third year students and alumni may receive reciprocity with law schools outside the Washington, DC metropolitan area and can do so at a rate of one school per three month period. Although each school has its own reciprocity policy, which typically involves a one-for-one exchange, requests for reciprocity must be initiated by WCL's Office of Career and Professional Development (OCPD).

Individual schools' reciprocity policies can be found on this page of the NALP website: It is recommended that WCL students review the policies of the other school before requesting reciprocity, due to the fact that once students are granted reciprocity at one school WCL cannot make another request on the student's behalf for a three month period.

Law schools typically do not permit reciprocity during specific blackout periods. Accordingly, WCL applicants should pay particular attention to the targeted schools' blackout periods as OCPD will not make requests during these times. If you have made alternative arrangements with the reciprocal institution to actually receive and process your application within this restricted period, please contact our office directly. We will process your application accordingly.

To begin the reciprocity process by having the OCPD contact a law school on your behalf, please utilize this link: Reciprocity Form

2Ls, 3Ls, and Alumni from Other Schools Seeking Reciprocity with WCL

OCPD will provide use of its services to second and third year students or graduates of law schools outside the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area on the following terms:

  1. Services are available only to those law schools that allow WCL students and/or graduates similar services. Generally, OCPD adheres to a one-for-one policy in granting use of its services. Exceptions, however, have been made in the case of graduates in certain geographic areas. 

  2. Requests for services must be made in writing, preferably via email, by an Office of Career & Professional Development official from the student or graduate’s law school.

  3. Services are available to second and third year students or graduates for three months, beginning on the date reciprocity is granted. 

  • Those who wish to access job postings remotely must forward their official confirmation email to and provide a school-affiliated email address.  A welcome message will be sent to that address to provide detailed instructions on accessing our CareerLink/Symplicity system.  Access will terminate exactly 3 months following issuance of credentials.

  • Those who prefer to access postings on-site at WCL must sign in at the front desk of the OCPD at the time of their visit(s) and should bring a copy of the letter granting reciprocity along with a photo ID.

4. The following services will be provided to the extent that the reciprocating school provides in kind services:

  • Remote access to our online job postings for a three-month period. 

  • Hard copy resources and handout materials accessible in our office throughout the three-month period.

5. Reciprocity will not be offered during Fall On-Campus Recruitment season, July 15th - November 15th.


  • Reciprocity is not available to students from any Washington, D.C. area schools. Referrals are made on a one-to-one basis with occasional exceptions.

  • Reciprocity does not include career counseling services.

  • Reciprocity, when granted, lasts only three months from the date it is granted.

If you have any questions about the reciprocity process, please email OCPD at