Recruitment Programs

2017 Spring Recruitment Program 2017 Fall Recruitment Program


What is Spring Recruitment?

Spring Recruitment is the process by which many employers advertise and fill summer internships and post-graduate legal positions. Spring Recruitment extends from January until the end of April.  New Spring Recruitment opportunities are posted to CareerLink on a daily basis.  As such, students are strongly encouraged to check CareerLink regularly.

What is Fall Recruitment?

The Fall Recruitment Program (“Fall Recruitment” or the “Program”) is a process that begins each summer to obtain employment for subsequent summer and post-graduation. The Program is organized entirely by the Office of Career & Professional Development (“OCPD”) and managed exclusively through CareerLink.  Thus, it is imperative that you are actively online and checking e-mail throughout the summer to receive critical information about deadlines and participating employers.

The majority of employers participating in Fall Recruitment are larger law firms and government agencies given their ability to determine their hiring needs one to two years in advance. However, many other government, judicial, and public interest organizations also hire through this process. These employers are particularly focused on hiring 2L-Day and 3L-Evening students for next summer, although they may also consider 3L-Day and 4L-Evening students for post-graduate positions.

The Fall Recruitment Program is only one of many methods used to identify opportunities, but this hiring model only applies to a small percentage of employers. Although Fall Recruitment may be the most visible AUWCL-sponsored recruitment program, it should not be your only source for finding employment. The majority of students find jobs through a combination of other sources. As such, please refer to the different resources available on the OCPD website, CareerLink, and in the OCPD Resource Library for information on additional job search strategies. Also, be sure to request an appointment with an OCPD career counselor to develop your personal job search campaign.


Remember, not all employers participate in AUWCL’s recruitment programs.  Therefore, it is important to continue consulting other websites and resources. It is also the responsibility of each student to develop a personal job search campaign that includes networking.