Public Interest Career Fairs & Conferences

Public Interest Career Fairs

There are two popular public interest fairs in D.C., and several across the country. Fairs provide job interview opportunities and a chance to speak with employers informally during "table talk."

Public Interest Student Conferences

Students can attend some of the country's largest student-led public interest conferences. Conferences provide students with the opportunity to meet other public interest-minded students, practitioners and national experts in the public interest field. Some of the most popular conferences are described below.

  • The Rebellious Lawyering Conference
    Join hundreds of students, practitioners, and activists for a weekend of panels, workshops, and events at the largest student-run public interest law conference in the country. Sponsored by Yale Law School.

  • The Robert M. Cover Retreat
    Brings together 150 public interest law students, practitioners, and professors to a beautiful lakeside wooded New Hampshire retreat to spend a weekend developing personal connections, discussing issues important to careers and lives, and learning from one another.

  • The Norman Amaker Public Interest Law Retreat
    Joins law students from throughout the country to relax from the frantic pace and high pressure of law school for a retreat and forge a coalition of students, professors and practitioners to support social justice- orientated law students pursing careers in the public interest.

  • The Trina Grillo Public Interest and Social Justice Retreat
    Provides a unique opportunity for public interest and social justice-oriented law students, faculty, and practitioners to forge an alliance by exchanging viewpoints, exploring career opportunities and formulating strategies for social justice.

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