Offers & Acceptance

During the final interview, the employer will typically inform you of the timetable for making job offers. If this information is not made clear, you may inquire. Subsequently, if you do not hear from the prospective employer within the stated timeframe, you may call and ask about the decision. Employers will generally interpret this as an indication of your interest in the job, although some employers prefer that applicants wait to hear from them.

For employers who are members of NALP, strict guidelines about job offers must be followed. Become familiar with NALP's Principles and Standards, which includes timing information on offers and acceptances. All job offers, salaries and terms of employment should be made in writing by the employer, and your acceptance should be confirmed in writing. If you know your decision before the deadline, feel free to tell the employer in advance. If you know that you will reject the offer, let the employer know as soon as possible so that an offer can be extended to another candidate.

Making a decision to accept an offer may be confusing, but one of the worst things you can do is accept and later renege. Be confident of your decision before you contact the employer with your response. If you have questions about the employer or the job, ask for clarification before you accept or decline the offer. For inside information about working conditions and job responsibilities, check the Insider's Guide to Law Firms, Vault Reports (accessible through CareerLink), and the WCL Summer Jobs Survey notebook. For questions about salary and other matters, you may make an appointment with an Office of Career & Professional Development advisor.

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