This Judicial section of the OCPD website provides general information about the types of positions and courts, as well as specific information about application procedures and deadlines for judicial clerkships and judicial externships/internships.

Judicial Externships/Internships

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Judicial Clerkships


Overview of Judicial Clerkships

Types of Positions, Trial & Appellate Court Clerkships, Judicial Clerkship Timeline, Clerkships 101

Application Process

Application Timing, Cover Letters, Resumes, Letters of Recommendation, Transcripts, Writing Samples, Clerkships 201


Preparing for a Judicial Clerkship Interview,
Judicial Clerkship Interview Feedback Database, Judicial Clerkship Interviews webcast

Federal Court Clerkships

Federal Courts,
Application Timing

State Court Clerkships

Overview & Hiring Info,
Court Levels, Application Timing, 2013 Judge Hiring Updates

WCL Alumni Judges & Clerks

Alumni Survey Database,
Federal Court Alumni Judges, State Court Alumni Judges, Federal Court Alumni Clerks, State Court Alumni Clerks, International Courts Alumni Clerks

Judicial Clerkship Resources

Federal Court Clerkship Resources,
State Court Clerkship Resources, Frequently Asked Questions

Administrative Law Judge Clerkships

ALJ Clerkship Information from NALP

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