Alumni Services

OCPD Alumni Counselor Matthew Pascocello offers post-graduate job search assistance through individual counseling sessions, alumni career-development webinars, and password-protected access to job databases and online resources for all WCL alumni. You may schedule an in-person or telephonic appointment with Matthew through your CareerLink account.

Career Counseling

Matthew Pascocello offers comprehensive career counseling services to the WCL alumni population including assistance with resume and cover letter writing, mock interviews, and job-search strategy sessions. If you would like to schedule an in-person or telephonic appointment, please use the appointment feature on the homepage of your CareerLink account. (See 'Job Postings' for instructions on how to obtain a CareerLink account).

Job Postings

  • CareerLink Account Access

    CareerLink is a critical tool to access job postings, monthly passwords, and to schedule counseling appointments. If you do not already have an account, please send an email to including your full name, date of graduation, degree program, and your primary email address (which will become your CareerLink Username). Registration may take up to two business days to process. To view the CareerLink tutorial, click here.

  • Job Postings

    Post-graduate job postings listed with OCPD are accessible through CareerLink under the "Permanent/Full Time" & "Permanent/Part Time" sections. Weekly postings are also forwarded through the Alumni Career Development Listserv (see below) which must be subscribed to separately.

  • OCPD Alumni Career Development Listserv

    Sign up to receive weekly emails containing an assortment of job postings, career-related events, webinar invites, and networking opportunities. The Alumni Listserv does not purport to offer an exhaustive or comprehensive listing of job opportunities but instead a cross-section of those that have recently been forwarded to me for immediate distribution. Alumni should continue to use CareerLink, and the various subscriptions services posted therein, for a fuller list of job opportunities. Alumni may also use the Listserv to solicit job-search advice, information, and referrals among the subscribing WCL alumni community. To subscribe, please email with your full name, address, and WCL year of graduation.

  • OCPD Alumni Listserv Bulletin Board Posting History

    Access Previous Bulletin Postings to view a record of postings that are two weeks older than those currently circulating on the Alumni Listserv. You may also forward a posting to be included in the next OCPD Alumni Listserv Bulletin Board by providing a 50-75 word blurb through the appropriate email link: Legal Question | Business Question/Opportunity | Networking/Outreach

  • Subscription-Based & Additional Online Job Postings Resources

    OCPD has arranged for alumni access to various subscription-based online job-search resources that can be accessed by using the hyperlinks, usernames, and passwords located on the homepage of your CareerLink account. Additional sector-specific job-search resources are located and linked throughout the relevant 'Resources' and 'Employment Sectors' sections on the OCPD website.

  • Job Exchange Bulletins

    View job postings from many law schools throughout the U.S. by viewing the Job Exchange Bulletins. Here, you will be prompted to enter the Login Name and Password that are listed on your CareerLink homepage. To obtain a CareerLink account please see instructions above.

Assortment of Popular Job Posting Sites:

Job Search Resources

  • Recent Graduates

  • Lexis Advance: When you graduate, you will have seamless access to Lexis Advance for 6 months. Just continue to use the same username and password you used in law school while you study for the bar exam, research employers, and prepare to start your career. You will also have access to resources related to the transition from law school to employment and a Graduate Rewards Program. More at:

  • ABA Legal Career Central

  • ABA Legal Career Central (Job Search and Career Advice resources).This is an excellent resource that offers robust specialty foci in the areas of: "Job Search", "Career Advice Series" , "Career Choice Series", and "Career Resources" The site features informative webinars on career satisfaction, and a strong national job-posting database.

  • Long-Distance Job Search Resources

    To view various job-search resources in Atlanta, Chicago, Houston/Austin, Miami/Ft. Lauderdale, Philadelphia/Wilmington, San Antonio, Kansas City, Boston, New York, and California, please visit our Resources Library.

  • Legal Temporary Agencies

  • An excellent resource for temporary legal projects across many cities and states can be found at the online community The Posse List. For a representative listing of legal temporary agencies in DC, click here.

  • Vault Career Insider

  • OCPD & Pence Law Library have purchased access for alumni use of which offers 90+ e-books covering workplace and industry topics, 3,500 full-text articles, 4,000 employer profiles and company rankings, industry and profession profiles, and career and profession discussion boards. Access the database by logging onto CareerLink and utilizing the 'Vault Career Insider' link in the 'Important Online Resources' area of the homepage.

  • Reciprocity

  • Reciprocity allows alumni to use the OCPD resources of non-local law schools. Click here to apply for reciprocity either to or from American University Washington College of Law. See various school reciprocity policies at

Job Search Resources by Sector

The following are links to the relevant resources located throughout the OCPD Website.

WCL Alumni in the Placement Industry


Following is a list of WCL alumni who are in the placement industry in both the legal and law-related sectors. Their contact information and specialty areas are also listed. Please note however, most of the opportunities available through headhunters and placement specialists require several years of substantive practice experience. Click Here to view Directory of WCL Alumni in the Placement Industry.


Alumni Networking Resources

  • WCL Alumni Mentor Database

  • The WCL Alumni Mentor Database enables students and alumni to contact practicing WCL graduates for the purposes of networking, seeking general career advice, and informational interviews.

    Please consider becoming a mentor by clicking sign up to be a mentor, and providing basic information about your job and contact information. There is no formal time commitment, and the resource serves as a searchable database that WCL students and alumni can use to identify WCL practitioners to reach out to for job-search advice and informational interview purposes.

    To search the database, simply click here, enter your CareerLink Login Name and Password (listed on your CareerLink homepage), and explore the several hundred WCL graduates in practice-areas across the country, and in countries around the world. To create a CareerLink account, please follow the above directions.

    To update your existing profile, please email to receive a personalized link that will enable you to access your profile.

  • WCL Faculty by Practice Area

  • Former professors can be an excellent point of contact in building a network for your career and professional development. Visit WCL Faculty for a listing of WCL professors according to specialty.

  • Faculty Practice Groups

  • WCL faculty have organized into eleven "practice groups" to provide students more subject matter and practice-specific career information and counseling. Alumni may benefit by requesting to join one or more of listservs maintained by the various WCL Faculty Practice Groups.

  • Additional Resources for Identifying Alumni for Networking Purposes

  • There are many ways to engage alumni for outreach and networking purposes, and below are some of the best public and private resources available to identify graduates from WCL and your undergraduate institutions. Please feel free to set up a counseling appointment with me (via CareerLink) to discuss your outreach plan and how best to leverage these resources.

    Non Subscription Based Resources: LinkedIn and are two of the best resources for identifying WCL (and undergraduate) alumni that you can (and should) reach out to for networking purposes. You should also try connecting with your undergraduate office of alumni relations.

    Subscription Based Resources: Both West Legal Directory (requiring Westlaw password) and the various Leadership Directories (password only usable via WCL Intranet, but access may be available at your local library) are also very robust tools for identifying alumni in targeted industries and within specific employers.

  • Judicial Clerkship Alumni Survey Search

  • Interested in learning more about judicial clerkships? Researching specific judges and courts? Preparing for a judicial clerkship interview? Use this database to locate and review feedback from alumni who clerked with federal judges, state judges/justices, and administrative law judges around the country. Visit: Judicial Clerkship Alumni Database.

Bar Association, Bar Admission, & CLE Resources

  • Free ABA Memberships For Recent Grads!

  • The American Bar Association is extending free one-year memberships to recently graduated JDs that offer the following benefits: access to news updates and thoughtful analysis of legal trends; networking events, both online and at national meetings; and career-building opportunities in public speaking, public service and publication. Apply for your free membership here.

  • Uniform Bar Exam (UBE) Information & Webinar

  • Following is an informative webinar and PowerPoint presentation on the breakdown on the Uniform Bar Exam and how it translates in various jurisdictions.

  • National and State Bar Admission Requirements

  • For information about the multistate bar registration process, visit the National Conference of Bar Examiners.

    For state bar admission requirements, view the ABA's Comprehensive Guide to Bar Admission Requirements which sets out the rules and practices of all U.S. jurisdictions for admission to the bar by examination and on motion.

    For information about fulfilling the NY Bar Pro Bono Requirement, take a look at AUWCL New York Bar Pro Bono Requirement

  • Special Events and CLE Credits Offered Through WCL

  • WCL is an accredited CLE provider in various states and offers an extensive on-site and on-line array of courses and programs open to both WCL alumni and the public at large.

    For more information about programs, events, and CLE offerings, visit the Office of Special Events at:

Financial Aid Resources for Alumni

  • Loan Repayment & Debt Management Information for Alumni

  • The Financial Aid Office has a wealth of information on managing student loan debt and various loan repayment programs, including PILRAP, IBR and PAYE. See: Visit the site to learn more about what to do during your grace period, how to consolidate your federal loans, what repayment plans are available, and how to take advantage of various public service loan forgiveness and assistance programs. If after viewing the information you still have questions, the Office of Financial Aid wants to help. Please call them at 202-274-4040 or email your questions to

  • Loan Repayment Strategies Webinar

  • Review this substantive and informative webinar featuring Dr. Jeffrey Hanson here.

Legal Research Resources

  • Alumni Access to Pence Law Library

    Alumni have extensive in-person and online access to the Pence Law Library resources, including remote access to HeinOnLine’s Law Journal Library and ABA Law Library Collection Periodicals, Fastcase’s federal and state case law collection via Hein (Access through the link on your CareerLink homepage. See the user guide at Hein User Guide), JSTOR, Project Muse, and Academic Search Premier. Alumni may use the electronic databases and resources anywhere in the Library. Due to license restrictions, remote access to other subscription-based databases for alumni is not permitted, however alumni are encourage to use the Library's website and catalog at

    For more information on services available to alumni visit LibGuides.

  • Assistance with Legal Research

    Additionally, Reference Librarians are happy to assist graduates with research at their firms and offices and to help locate sources of legislative history, and international and foreign law and other materials. Contact or call 202-274-4352 for offsite assistance.

  • Alumni Access to ASPIRE for Nonprofit Work

    The ASPIRE program provides 12 months of free access to federal and state cases, codes, regulations, law reviews, Shepard's® Citation Service and Matthew Bender® treatises to graduates who are engaged in verifiable 501(c)(3) public interest work. More at:

  • Recent Graduates

    Westlaw Access: Students graduating in May can extend Westlaw access through November, and students graduating in December can extend through June. Use the Grad Elite link inside Westlaw to fill out the survey and apply for an extension.

    Bloomberg Law: Graduates automatically keep full access to Bloomberg Law through their individual account for six months following graduation.

    Lexis: Recent graduates have access to Lexis through the end of July following graduation, and may extend their access by applying for Grad Access at

Additional Career Development Resources

  • Alumni Career Webinars

  • Several times throughout the year, OCPD offers alumni career-development webinars on a variety of topics. Invitations to the webinars are forwarded via the Alumni CareerDevelopment Listserv (See above).

    Webinars are usually recorded and can be accessed remotely through the "Podcast/Webcasts" link on the OCPD homepage.

  • Work-Life Balance & Lawyer ReEntry Resources

  • Following are resources and websites you can use to explore information, job-search, and networking tools relating to career/life balance and parenting while engaged in the practice of law. Click here

  • Alumni Career Development Programs

  • OCPD offers a number of programs on a range of attorney job-search and career-development issues. For a complete listing, and to register, visit the Events section on your CareerLink account. Also check with the Alumni Relations and SECLE portions of the WCL website for additional events and programs.

  • Auditing Classes

  • Subject to course availability, alumni may audit up to two courses per semester for a nominal fee. Concentrated coursework in a particular area of law may help in career transitions or to increase ones credibility in a particular field. More information at: Auditing Classes.

  • Ordering Transcripts

  • Alumni may order a copy of their WCL transcript to be delivered either online or via mail by visiting the Registrar's Office at: Order a Transcript.

  • Career and Personality Indicator Tests

  • Without endorsing any particular service or product, alumni may find the following list of career and personality indicator tests to be helpful in assessing and inventorying their particular career-oriented strengths and weaknesses:

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