Upcoming Events

Planned Events

October 2015
During the first part of October, 2015, Supreme Federal Tribunal Minister José Antonio Dias Toffoli will be visiting Washington to participate in a seminar on election practices.  Judge Messitte is assisting the State Department and the Brazilian Embassy in planning other aspects of his visit, including a trip to the U.S. Supreme Court.

During the second part of October, Supreme Federal Tribunal President Ricardo Lewandowski is expected to be visiting Washington to participate in a program at the Organization of American States.  Judge Messitte anticipates providing similar assistance in connection with his visit.

February 2016
WCL, in conjunction with the Instituto Justiça e Cidadania, is planning a two-day Symposium on Legal Aspects of Agribusiness for mid-February 2016, which will take place at WCL’s new facility in the Tenleytown section of Washington.

Speakers will include Brazilians and Americans prominent in matters pertaining to food and agriculture, as well as international experts from the Food & Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, and the World Bank.  Experts on the Chinese experience will also speak.

Details to follow.

Anticipated Events

Other symposia contemplated for 2016 include mediation and pensions.