Spring 2008

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The Greening of the Business Law Brief
Letter from the Editors


  • Leading the Way: A U.S. Carbon Cap and Trade System
    By: Senator Jeff Bingaman (N.M.)
  • The Path to Energy Independence: A U.S. Tax on Carbon
    By: Senator Christopher Dodd (C.T.)

Bull in a China Shop
By: Bryan Bachner

Hedging Rollovers: Risks and Returns in the Chinese Commodity Markets
By: Lark Grier

“Chinese Goldfarmers Must Die:” Why China Should Worry About the Growth of Sinophobia Online
By:Anant Raut & J. Benjamin Schrader

Is a Growing China a Threat to U.S. IPO Market Dominance?
By: Bjorn Sorenson

2007 Chinese Legislation
By: Laney Zhang & Bryan Bachner

The Independent Director Requirement and Its Effects on the Foreign Investment Climate in China
By: Matthew Weinstein

Whose Work Is It? Building a Culture of Compliance By Operationalizing Laws and Regulations
By: Suzanne E. Thoeni

12b-1 Fees: Seriously, Why Are We Still Paying These?
By: Sundeep R. Patel

Oil Lies, Damn Lies & Statistics Why We Are Confused About Oil “Facts”
By: James M. Day

New Section
By: Evan Berger, Gregory Seidell, & Susrut Carpenter