Fall 2005

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Reputation Management, Media Relations, and White Collar Crime: When Going to Jail Is Just a Cost of Doing Business
Larry Smith

The Securitization of Commodities: Crossing a Gold (or Silver) Line in the Sand
Elizabeth L. Ritter, Esq.

Innovations in Retail Choice for Large Commercial and Industrial Customers
John C. Hilke and Michael Wroblewski, Esq.

The Class Action Fairness Act: What�s Fair About It?
Lisa M. Bass

A Suggested Role For Collateral Sources Of Indemnification In Tort Reform Legislation
Manfred H. Ledford, Ph.D.

Regulating Commercial Data Brokers in the Wake of Recent Identity Theft Schemes
Joshua Apfelroth

Preparing For The Dance: The Seller�s Perspective
Andrew J. Sherman, Esq.

Is the Private Equity Industry Ready for the Small Investor?
Isadora Lee

The Art of Terminating an Expat in Latin America
Roberto E. Berry, Esq.

Can U.S. Petroleum Companies Compete With National Oil Companies?
Professor James M. Day